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December 28, 2014


Feel free to wax effusive about your incredible children, Danny! You and Kendall are wonderful parents!!! :-)

Before she kills you let us all wish her a happy birthday and many more that you may still chronicle for us of course!

Danny, this post alone - showcasing some of Leah's many talents, (and yours as an editor) should push your blog's hit-count well over the 3 million hit mark! Great job - da both of yas. Love, Uncle and brother Bruce

Danny, please write something about your incredible family in 2015 that doesn't make me cry. I'll watch that video as soon as everything stops being blurry. (Happy birthday, Leah!)

So glad you wrote this post. I really enjoy keeping up with your family whenever you post. I wish Leah the best of luck in all her endeavors in NYC and beyond. June

What a charming tribute to your talented daughter. Many thanks.

Oh, that's beautiful! I was cleaning up my blogroll (a reader kindly told me I'm a complete slob in this regard) and checked yours. Have a happy new year!

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