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April 12, 2013


He is more charming than ever. What a sparkler!

I love his book-reading skills! :) Started to dig...."few-we-ously!"

Sweetest boy. I love these videos.

So very very dear....! He knows that book so well....! And I think he looks quite handsome in his new glasses--And so do you in yours!!!

Coolest three year old ever.

I had to get reading glasses in my early 40s, and that was a pain just because the constant on and off with the glasses was annoying. A few years later, I needed progressives, and honestly, I LOVE my glasses. I don't mind wearing them at all. I'm so grateful my vision is correctable and I love my frames. Can't imagine wanting or wearing contacts.

So happy to see Charlie looking and sounding more adorable than ever, if that's even possible. You both look great in your specs.

Fauna is going to be SO jealous!!! She wants glasses ("like Daddy")soooo bad! I feel Charlie's new look will only fuel that fire. (:
He looks adorable...but then again, I'm a sucker for a guy in glasses. Love you guys!


Oh, Charlie! So handsome in your new glasses! Thank you for the story!

He is adorable.

That is quite a story about his early eye tests. I hadn't known about the risks to vision from prematurity. Charlie has really beaten the odds in so many ways. And did I mention that he's adorable?

(Glad that you are make adjustments to your own vision correction, too! Getting to 53 without needing glasses is pretty remarkable. I've worn glasses since my mid-20s. Now that I'm in my 40s, I think that bifocals may be in my near future...)

This beautiful little boy brings such joy into my life. Thank you so much for sharing! If it's any consolation I'm 12 years older than you and have to go get my hearing tested. As a musician the thought of losing even a little hearing and possibly having to wear a hearing aid is not thrilling but I am amazed at modern medicine. Things can be corrected usually but I, like you, have some resistance toward aging! Thanks for sharing.

Four-eyeses rock (even if this seems grammatically incorrect)! Isn't reading a pleasure when you can actually see the words?

How is it possible that Charlie keeps getting more plotz-worthy?

And, how is it possible that his dad has managed NOT to wear glasses until now?

One ponders these conundra...

I always love your books and toys! The same ones I had (we're the same age) and I got for my kids. I think I homeschooled just so I could continue to read with them! You and Kendall are great parents. Someone interviewed at the Boston Marathon was named Kendall and I was concerned! You have the best kids ever and I love your blog.

He simply could not be more charming!

Gracious, I am behind the times. He is perfect. Hurrah, hurrah.

I volunteer at a place in Dallas called
North TX Reading for The Blind or more politically correctly known as Reading Radio Resource and we read textbooks, daily NewsPapers from three major TX cities, fiction and non fiction books, training manuals, grocery ads, sports discussion,!political discussion for anyone who is sight impaired and or learning disabled in any way. We are now online for access anywhere. $60 a year donations and you pops can access their daily broadcast and book selections.
Love the blog and I asked my wife if I google the word "Charlie" would the blog show up on page one.

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