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March 01, 2013


He deserves all the peanut butter, sprinkles, smiles, and love in the world.

You know that you never know when a kid is just three what his abilities will be as a teen or an adult. I think I've told you that my daughter Gemma was another very difficult birth and infancy, with a brain bleed all her own and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. I was told that she may never walk and to keep my expectations low. It took her 9 months to be able to sit unassisted and once she got that down pat she began to creep, then crawl, and by their first birthday she was the twin that was walking. Her hands were still all balled up and her midsection rigid, but she was walking. By three she could do cartwheels and other gymnastics. Now, at 20, nobody would ever know that this brave athletic kid had such a rough start. Once she caught up on one skill, the others just tumbled forward as well.

What a wonderful wonderful story....Only in the Farmer's Market---so many sweet dear people. And what a great personality your dear little boy has---touching so many people's lives just by his presence....! A Great Day, Danny...! And it is good to hear that both of you had some great food, too!

so glad he's out of the hospital!!!

You made me smile through my tears!

I'm thinking about the song they'd be singing and keep hearing "I'm in love with a wonderful guy."

Thank you for sharing this story and Charlie's amazing smile.

Our daughter and her husband are farmers who have sold at markets in DC and Richmond. They are special places.

So glad you got to go and enjoy the day with your beautiful boy! Loved hearing about your adventure together and all the things Charlie ate. (Really warmed the Jewish mother in me to hear that part!). I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as what Charlie will accomplish in the future...he seems like such a special boy and I have complete faith that we will see wonderful achievements from him! (Kenahorra, poo poo a million times of course!). With parents like he has, how can he go wrong?

I'm just grinning and wiping a tear.

I am with Jan, I am wiping the tears away too. So beautifully written. I can't say enough about Charlie's spirit! Love you guys!

Beautiful!! xo

Wonderful Post! Made me mascara run down my face! As a long-time preschool educator (Montessori), I can tell you that many children who haven't experienced Charlie's struggles and setbacks, are not necessarily runners or jumpers. Some children are naturally slow and methodical. My own daughter, who's been comfortable with art pens since 12 months, is at 14 years still afraid of balls and unsteady on a bicycle. I just want to share what I was reminded of at a recent visit to a (naked) Korean spa/sauna - people come in many, shapes, sizes and temperaments and honoring beautiful Charlie the way you do is his best therapy. You're a remarkable Dad!

The Farmers Market is a wonderful community. I am not there as frequently as you but I'm headed there this morning with my little girl.

My son has some pretty major verbal delays (apraxia, for the curious) and I don't notice them until we spend time with other children (I'm not even really reminded by his sister, who is 3.5 years younger than him and has a better grasp of English than he does--probably because I'm always with her, too). Reading about the little Superman felt so familiar, my heart broke a little.

Maybe he can't run and fall like that Russian kid, but nobody, NOBODY can smile like Charlie.


I just found your blog after checking into facebook for the first time in eons and I've been reading your achingly beautiful posts and gazing at your stunningly beautiful boy and my heart is pounding with happiness that you two are out on the town again, and with tears for all you've been through.

With so much love and gratitude and admiration for your generous capacity to share your life in writing the way you do.


Charlie IS Superman!

So glad you guys made it back to FM. Sounds like a very heartwarming experience.

What a beautiful pic to close off this post. Glad to see you two out and about again.

BTW, your beautiful (pu, pu, pu) little boy wears an invisible cape; thought you'd like to be assured of that.


When I look at your son's picture I see your Mom. I hope you are all well. He has a winning smile.
Love & Hugs

See here my light,


I love your wonderful words that always touch my heart and soul. And, of course, I love your precious Charlie!

I love this photo of Charlie with his treats smeared across his warm smile! His eyes are filled with joy and wonder!

Just speaking personally- I consider my daughter a pretty tough kid and she would have NEVER done anything related to meeting cement with any part of her body except her feet and been ok with it. I'm sure that YOU see a lot in Charlie than us non-parents do, but any noticeable differences between him and others his age are exceptionally slim to comparing ANY child their age with a peer is pure ridiculousness. They are all so different- as we adults are! Charlie is older than Fauna but whenever I am around him I think, "Damn, that kid's got verbal skills Fauna won't have until she's six!"then I kick myself for comparing them because it is indeed so freaking stupid despite the fact it is POUNDED INTO OUR BRAINS as something we are supposed to do as parents! (: I'm so happy to hear your life outside of Cedars is slowly returning. Love you all. x

That was such a beautiful post. I am just getting caught up on your recent adventures (I had all but given up on your blog! But a slow day at work brought me back). And now, I am choking back tears of joy at my desk (I will tell my boss I have allergies I guess. :)).
I feel a bit like one of the bakers reading your story over the past two days. You are a beautiful writer, and Charlie is a lucky little guy to have such a wonderful dad!

that quality from the last sentence is HEART and struggle....strugglers make the best people.....people who know they have to work a little harder than others who come by it naturally and take it for granted...I'm typing this in tears at my desk in my office with my macho oil and gas Texan buddies.... we ALL love Charlie....

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