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March 05, 2013


that smile is PRECIOUS!

I love Cream of Wheat! Switched to Cream of Rice during a test of gluten-free living (which didn't seem to make a difference for us, either), and now I read that rice has high arsenic levels in it. Shoulda stayed with wheat! Especially with pecans and maple syrup.

"We’re jumping through the hoops right now to get some extra physical therapy" made me smile. Sounds like you are getting physical therapy; now the trick is to get it for Charlie.

One of my goals in life is to meet this kid!

Funny. I was wondering the other day how Leah might be coping but felt it was inappropriate to ask. What a great girl she is :-)

So glad Charlie is recovering. He's a lucky boy to have you and Leah taking care of him.
I'm a friend of Betty Fox and I love Cream Of

I sing the Cream of Wheat Song every time I cook it. My dad used to stand at the stove and stir it for 20 minutes. Now I just zap it in the microwave.

For those of you too young to remember radio ,Cream of Wheat sponsered a wonderful program every at 10 Chicago time.
Lets Pretend presented a new Fairy Tale every Sat.and for 30 minutes we kids were tranported to another world.Jack Grimes was one of the actors.I.cannot recall the others but it was a marvelous cast.

After the Cream of Wheat song was sung , the anouncer would say'And its plenty good"
and it was and is. Just the thing for a hot breakfast before facing that famous Chicago wind on the walk to school.

So happy that Charlie is doing so well. I loved meeting him and you and Kendall.

Zie Gazundt

Your new Chicago cousin, Donna

Maybe that just hit me at the right time, but I think that's one of your best blog posts ever, Danny. You are so candid and brave and brutally truthful and all with great comic timing! I love reading your take on things, always, but this was a perfect post--hits you right in the heart

Reading this put a big smile on my face. Especially the bit about you mentally swearing at strangers kindly looking on. It makes perfect sense to me!

Hope that you all continue to heal well. (It sounds like you're eating well, and that's a good start!)

I've said this before so excuse me for being boring but David and I are 13.5 years apart and very close.

Danny, I'm afraid this post, along with Nothing is Better for Thee Than Me is convincing evidence of the possibility of corporate influence peddling. Expect a call from the Inspector General!

Your Big Brother

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