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March 10, 2013


pooo! poooo! Pooooo!

That last paragraph made me go back and examine how Charlie was posed on Heston's star. Laughing hysterically...perhaps the NRA's days are numbered? One can hope.

It's so good to see Charlie out & about & happy!

so nice to see these super happy shots of Charlie! What a photo-star!

Been waiting for this moment. And the stars have been longing for Charlie's little feet.

Charlie looks so hip in that cap and outfit!

Love this little fellow and the anecdotes you so graciously share with us all!

So good to see that Charlie is home again. Keep us up to date, please. Michael S. (507 Roscoe, 3rd floor 1946-52)

I haven't checked this blog in quite some time, and was caught by surprise this morning when I read about the stressful few months you guys have had. I am so relieved Charlie is better. Hugs to you all.

so glad the ritual is back.....

he's a precious boy and you guys have been handed an angel on earth...

I know you've been tested but it will keep getting better

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