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February 26, 2013


I think I have watched that video a dozen times. It never gets old. Continued well-wishes for Charlie's recovery. I hope it won't be too long before you're back to watching bakers and walking the boulevard.

Danny, We love you and we love Charley. Why wouldn't we send you virtual hugs and a good listening ear during this difficult time. It's what real friends do when their buddies are hurting. Every post telling us the news of the day has been received with great hope and love that no more will Charley have to suffer pain and hospital visits. He needs to be back at the Farmer's Market with his fans. Home with the family that loves him so. That's what we all are praying for. And some day, we should take up a collection for $30K to buy Charlie his own star on the walk of fame. He deserves it.

Heck, yes! Get out of that place and go home!! Sending love for an easy day today and transition to HOME!

YES!! I can go back to sleep now!!! xoxo

Ahhhhhhhhhhh... Can you feel the collective sigh of relief that we all share with you, Kendall, and Charlie? Hopefully, today is the day you get to go home and all begin the real healing. Hugs and kisses to all! XOXOXOX

I have been crazy busy with work here, yet I find myself racing to my computer every morning hoping for an update on Charlie!

As a mom (though my boys are grown) I can completely understand the gamut of emotions you are experiencing. And for as much as this whole ride has tugged at my heartstrings as if Charlie were my own, I can only imagine what you and Kendall are really going through.

I am so thrilled and relieved that he is on the upswing and hope to see pictures of him on the floor with his trucks very soon!

If my bosses are monitoring my computer usage, I'm sure I'm getting fired for checking Facebook so often, looking for Charlie updates. I feel your stress and exhuastion and relief. Hope all continues to go well. Hugs and kisses to you and Kendall and Leah and Charlie.

I *love* the idea of Charlie having his own star so much that I am fantasizing an act of what would undoubtedly be considered vandalism by law enforcement authorities and courts. Probably good that I don't like to fly, don't know how to mix cement, don't have the nerve to break laws, etc. so I will just continue here in the east in my imagination visualizing a Charlie star.

So happy to hear you have transferred to the regular pediatric floor and are thinking about home. I can only imagine what the time between the nurse's request and talking to the neurosurgeon was like.

That gift of books is so amazing!

I've also enjoyed the Spinning Wheel video. I loved Blood, Sweat & Tears...saw them decades ago at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in MD.

Hooray! Team Reynolds from Walla Walla are all breathing a huge sigh of relief. This is great news and we're grateful to hear it!

I hadn't seen the Spinning Wheel video yet, so thank you for posting it. What a perfect metaphor for the crazy ride you've been on. (Oh, what an agonizaing night/morning you had. Just reading about it brough tears to my eyes. So glad things turned around.)

Wishing you and your family continued strength and grace, and wishing Charlie a quick return to full health.

It must be so nice to be able to hold Charlie now, and for Charlie to be able to sit in an upright position! I'm so glad (knock on wood) that things seem to be improving. You must not miss the PICU. Love to you, Kendall, and especially Charlie.

Thank you Danny for sharing this journey. I love your amazing Leah and your Charlie is also an extraordinary child!

I agree - he needs his own star! Can't wait to see who he chooses on next your next walk down the Boulevard - always brightens my day.

Love and prayers from yet another complete stranger on the other side of the world! Hoping things starts looking up soon for Charlie and all your family and you can get him home x

I've held off on commenting because it seems vaguely creepy to be as invested as I am in the saga of someone I don't know in real life, but I do feel moved to let you know that your personal, evocative writing is so piercingly vivid and heartfelt that it has real value even beyond conveying the specifics of your story. I can only imagine the pain of going through this with your child, but many of us have gone through--or will--similar ups and downs with our parents, siblings and other loved ones. The honest way you express your feelings and reactions to this tumultuous experience is very resonant and helpful to all of us who have gone through similar ups and downs, so just on that level I want you to know how important what you are doing is. You're a wonderful dad and a great communicator, and Charlie is a very lucky little boy to have you in his life. And yeah, you're lucky to have such a precious little angel in your life as well! All the best wishes in the world for you and your family.

I have tears streaming down my face that are the combination of pregnancy and great relief. For all of your wonderful expression, I have no words to describe how good it is to hear the news that all will be well.

Big hugs to you and to Kendall for your strength.


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