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February 18, 2013


Vivi & I talk about Charlie every day & she wants to see him soon!! We are sending so much love!!!

Oh, Danny! I'm so sorry to hear the news. However, I love your description of the flight times. As a frequent traveler, that makes so much sense. Thankfully, Charlie IS 3 1/2 and not younger so he has some understanding of what you're saying to him. Sending big love and support to all of you.

Heather & Justin & Cassian & Raj

This is so honest and touching. Stay strong. Sending prayers!

It's hard enough for an adult to lay in one position in a bed for a day, much less three weeks. Poor Charlie. But he's amazing and it sounds like his very conservative surgeon is, too.

Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for taking the time to write the updates for all of us. So sorry Charlie has to wait so long for his new shunt, but when it goes in, it will be perfect! Is Charlie allowed to use a tray table for the trucks? My son Jon and I are thinking of you- talking about Charlie, sending our best wishes each day.

NOT knowing is almost always worse, than knowing. Now we all know how to focus our healing energies.
Wish I was there to cook you a lasagna!

Of the many things that make Charlie special, the fact that he has you and Kendall as parents has to be at the top of the list. It's incredibly special that you view the series of event in the way you do. It's a gift for you and Charlie too, and learning to accept things as they are is an invaluable lesson that will make his life infinitely richer in his present and future.

Is there something that all us cyber folks can do to help? Send some little thing to keep him engaged? Cards? Balloons? Books? Praying for him and your family.

So much love to Charlie, Kendall, and you, Danny. xoxoxo

Prayers from TX. We did NOT tell WEEZ yet. Hoping all will resolve quickly. She has the pictures of Charlie from this summer in her day room area. She just had a great grand child in Dec. Thinking of you guys and love to Betsy and Brooke....

Sending so much love to you all from my heart.

My heart goes out, it is so hard to wait. you guys are all in this place of absolute radical acceptance and surrender since what other place is there to be? fighting reality just causes more aggravation and suffering, so you get to do as much self soothing and distracting every day. hope the Oscars help tonight! sending love to all three of you xo!

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