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February 23, 2013


I can't even imagine what a torture it is for Charlie to lay still for this long. Monday can't come soon enough!

Having spent many a night sleeping in uncomfortable chairs watching my baby (my husband, Ken)
my sympathies are with Kendall--and you, or course-- and prayers most of all for YOUR baby, Charlie
big hugs from natalie

Gee, he is a trooper! You guys too. Since I know he's in the safest possible place and will be FINE, I also feel free to just read and enjoy. Is it wrong to get a ton of entertainment value out of this? I am SO sorry for what he has to go through. Really. But somebody might as well enjoy it!

All our thoughts/prayers/karma/luck/incantations etc go out to Charlie. The champ.

Love to you and Charlie on this day.

It really is amazing that Charlie has kept himself lying down. There is magic in your family--and grace. Must be the love.

I am a (really) long time reader of your blog and fan of your writing. I think I discovered you when you left a comment on Ronni Bennett’s blog about Liv Ullmann…or maybe it was Catherine Deneuve. And it’s entirely possible I’m misremembering this.

For awhile, I lost track of your blog. One day a few years ago you popped into my mind and I clicked on your site when Charlie was perhaps a month old. I added you to my Google Reader and haven’t missed a post since.

Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and that I’m sending lots of healthy vibes from the Smoky Mountains out to LA. I’ve also sent links to your blog to friends and family and we are all thinking of you.

One last thing. I was an maternal-child health nurse for 32 years and it warms the cockles of my heart to hear your praise of the health care profession.

I hope your Sunday is indeed full of grace.

ALL my thoughts, love and good energies are going out to you all for a successful monday.... xoxo

You and Kendall are both the best parents Charlie could have. I wish you best of luck (spit, spit) for tomorrow.

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