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February 27, 2013


Doing "The Happy Dance",My Dears.....Hooray, HOORAY, HOORAY!!!! May your darling Charlie continue to get better and better...And may you and Kendall and ALL of your loved ones begin to heal, too! MAZEL!!!!!! As Dorothy said..."Home. There's no place like home!" Double and Triple MAZEL!!!!

So very, very, VERY happy to read this!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I was worried all day as you hadn't posted, who knew you were coming home!?!? That is soooo wonderful!! It is the best place for him and you are correct sir, it takes a village!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!

Welcome home Charlie! I am so happy for your family Danny! God is good, I pray he continues to watch over your little miracle. I look forward to seeing this little cutie in all his favorite fun places!

Woo hoo!!! Ain't that grand...

YAY! I am so, so happy to read that you are all home. Charlie is just so amazing, truly. I am in awe.

oh, thank G-d. I was worried because the last thing you said was that you were transferred out of PICU to regular
peds, and than radio silence. I'm so thrilled that you have been discharged and sent home. How wonderful is that?

YAY!! We are so happy!!

So happy for all of you! He must be so incredibly happy to be out of that bed and back in his own home! Happy joy! xo Susie

So very, very glad to read this post! I hope you will all be able to get some good healing REST now. Welcome home.

Hope it was wonderful to walk in your front door.So glad that ordeal of keeping him horizontal is finally over. Amazing you are home so soon after brain surgery. I feel your gratitude for what is wonderful in people and this world.

How wonderful---and Charlie looks radiant!

I am so grateful. Welcome home.


You and Kendall certainly deserve some relaxing down time. If I lived closer, I'd love to come babysit as you two took off for a weekend, but then Charlie would probably be "Who is this strange woman who doesn't know all my show tunes?"

Love to you all, and continued prayers for Charlie's good health.

I am so relieved to read this great news! I thought Charlie had to stay in the hospital at least another week. So amazing! I wish you all lots of sleep and recovery. And I hope to see you at the YMCA working off those extra pounds. I've got 12 to lose myself.

So happy for all of you!!!

I have been following Charlie's ordeal and am so glad that he is home and bouncing back. Our thoughts and prayers have been and will continue to be with you and your family.

Lots and lots of kisses and Mazeltows from Holland!!

Been following Charlie's ordeal, but not been commenting (basically out of fear of saying the wrong thing.) Now I will comment. Very happy he's home and doing OK.

Hooray!!!!! xoxox from upstate NY

Thank God! And Cedars. And medical science. And show business for the rich donors that make Cedars possible. For what he's been through you should buy him a garbage truck -- no, not a toy, a real one.

Hurrah for going home! I am so happy for Charlie and for you all to be back in your casa. Charlie is one tough cookie.

All our best wishes for the speediest of recoveries!

Andrew, Rosalinda, and family

So happy to hear he's regaining his strength so quickly. I've been following along and wish you all the best.

God is Good and shining his love down on you and your family. I'm so happy to hear your precious boy is back at home. He looks phenomenal, absolutely precious.

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