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February 22, 2013


Had two recent stints in the hospital myself recently, but everything Charlie is going through makes my experience seem like a walk in the park. Tests that make your child vomit and experience terrible pain - dear God! I'm glad the films are a distraction. Watching a bit of "A Farewell to Arms" with Gary Cooper a few nights ago (so 30s! Gary Cooper paired with Helen Hayes!) made me realize I've never watched a film made from a Hemingway novel all the way through.

Danny, you have all been through quite a lotand I am amazed that you still manage to have your great sense of humor. Don't worry about your blogs being about me, me me.. They aren't and what you are going though is deeply personal.

I am so impressed with what a great Dad you are and how steadfastly you take this all in. Sending you, Kendall and Charlie all my best thoughts and prayers.. Here's to Monday..

You hardly have to force anyone to read this blog, Danny...for myself, I'm fascinated and deeply moved by Charlie's journey through this medical odyssey, and his family's emotional journey beside him. As hard as it is, you are all so clearly blessed by your love for each other, and that leaves me, and I'd guess every other reader of this blog, pulling hard for Charlie to be strong, be well, and be home with his family. I can't wait to read that post!

Also: this sentence made me laugh out loud!
"I was supposed to liveblog the Oscars again on Sunday night for MSN but decided, with great regret and sadness, that I better not risk it with my nerves ranging between those of a meth addict and Christian Slater losing a shitload of weight for a movie role."
So well put!

Thank you for writing your story for all of us, Danny.

Yikes!! I am so sorry that Charlie had to go through that awful experience with the shunt clamped. Not fair. We are crossing all our fingers for a Monday surgery for Charlie. Jonathan has now been here over 4 weeks, but, at age 30, he is rational, interested, motivated to get well, and at this moment, having music therapy. So fun! Love to all of you !

I know what you mean about late night tests. Last year my daughter was sent for a MRI of the brain in the middle of the night and it is a very very surreal experience. Sitting in that rocking chair watching her in the tube was the longest hour. Time takes on a whole new dimension when you are in the hospital with your child. Hang in there, and know that there are people all over keeping you, Kendall, Charlie & Lea in their thoughts.

"Me, me, me?" HARDLY! WE are sooo grateful for that you share with us here. Many people are following this episode in your life and it strikes a chord for a lot of us. In one way or another, it is good for me to read this- I find myself KNOWING your feelings at moments- because I've felt so similar, and other times MARVELING at you and Kendall and your incredible devotion, love, kindness, and release of the situation. Seriously Danny, you are teaching us good things. Some of your readers will go through situations in the future that may be similar, and having your writing in their minds will provide them with strength and courage. You, Kendall, and Charlie are amazing. (And, OH! how I teared up seeing that shot of Charlie in his mama's lap!) Love you guys.

OY! I am continually amazed at how articulate you can be in this blog considering all the stress and sleep deprivation. I can't imagine that I would be able to even formulate a coherent sentence.
Here's hoping for smooth sailing all weekend and and quick and easy surgery and recovery on Monday!
Love to you all.
Did you really just watch the last episode of Downton Abbey? I thought you saw it all in London last year?

I did except for the final "Christmas episode," as they call it there, which isn't shown until December (I was there in October).

Thank God for your blogs! We would all be heartsick and terrified not knowing what was going on with you guys and Charlie if we didn't have you supplying us with the play by play. And by the way, any of us reading this are only here to support you so me, me, me all you want. If you don't, you'll explode. And speaking of exploding, your comment about keeping it together during the rough times and being negative during the "down" times is normal as far as I'm concerned. It's what happens to me in real life forget about the fact that you're in the hospital with your kid dealing with some really terrifying stuff. Frankly, it's nice to hear that it happens to someone else out there. All my appendages are crossed for a Monday surgery and for all to go well. Please give Kendall my best. You will make it through and then you will need a real vacation.


If I were there, i would be strumming my guitar and singing charlie every great kids song in my repetoire to keep him amused and distracted. my heart goes out to him and hope tonight he sleeps like a baby! For you Danny, I would sing every song from South Pacific, Oklahoma, and maybe throw in one or two from Mary Poppins just to cheer you up!

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