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February 13, 2013


I am so glad to hear that Charlie came through his surgery so well, but so sorry that you and Kendall and Charlie have to go through such a difficult time. I will pray for a speedy and full recovery for sweet Charlie, and I am sending healing vibes and thoughts, along with much love, to all of you. Thinking of you.

I love that video, including the two more garbage cans! at the end. But the picture of Charlie all tubed up is so sad.

Will this next shunt be permanent, or does it depend on how it goes?

Sending love and healing thoughts to all of you. It seems to me Charlie is like a little love antenna, broadcasting and receiving positive energy to and from the world....

All of the shunts are intended to be permanent, Jane, that is, there is no intention of ever taking them out--the tubing is coiled so that it can grow with him--but, of course, they have to replaced if they malfunction.

So happy it went well. I couldn't wait to get out of bed and grabbed the iPad first thing hoping you posted. Awesome story about the Arab woman and yes Danny, we are all the same. There is no color to love, it is clear and evident all around us. We will keep the candles burning. xoxo

So glad he made it through. The woman who embraced Kendall sounds like a gift from God. We're still praying for all of you.

Tears in my eyes.

Thinking of you guys!! (Tears in my eyes ditto)

Do be gentle on yourselves. It is always harder on the family and friends that on the patient. I gave an update on Charlie to my husband, recalling my own VP shunt surgery--"He's got an external shunt now. Remember I had one of those?" The cloud that passed across my husband's eyes remembering that time reminds me that it was indeed hard on him and the entire family. I don't have that cloud. I had no control over what was happening to me and in a way was just along for the ride. Granted I wasn't a child when it happened, but Charlie is a resilient fellow and maybe you can take comfort in that his memory of this will be a much softened version of yours. Continuing to send positive vibrations your way.

OH Danny, so glad he came through smoothly. Thank God for your sense of humor. When I gave birth to Gabriella at Cedars, a small madrigal group came in and sang about "Little hands, little feet" and we all burst into tears. Love and prayers to you and Kendall and Charlie. xoxoxoxoxox

oh gosh, I just read about luscious charlie! so sorry all of you have to endure this. Love to you all. shelly. ps...I'm putting him on the Mi Shebeirach list at temple...xo

I cried when I read about Kendall crying in the woman's arms so I have to ask which kind of tears the kids were crying over Darling Clementine? I'm so glad there was someone there with actual arms for Kendall--not just our virtual arms. Even in the hospital bed, Charlie (I prefer Scoot) looks like an angel.

This is so sad, funny, and touching. Love to you all.

Charlie and Danny and Kendall,

We are all thinking of you and praying, wishing, hoping, and willing a full and fast recovery for Charlie. He is such a strong little guy (and such a charmer!)---we know he'll be OK.

He has the best parents in the world, and he gets his strength from them.

Love from all of us,

Andrew and Rosalinda and all the kids (and grandkids, and dogs, etc.)

My darlings! Is it wrong to say in this context that Charlie looks just ADORABLE in the hospital? God, he is a good-looking kid! And I love Danny's writing. I have every faith that this is another bump in the road--horrible bump--poor kid! Poor you! But I'm not worried. Honestly, those guys know what they're doing! My thoughts and prayers of course. Love, Kate

It's hard to see a family member in this condition, especially if it's your own child. I bet you'll do whatever it takes to pay for all the treatments and medicines he needs. How long has he been staying in the hospital? Be mindful of his medical records to keep track of all the treatments he has had, as well as, the payment the hospital is charging you.

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