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February 15, 2013


What about if we have a little fun with that Evil Eye at its own expense?

I propose that we have a MAC makeup session with it, some eye shadow, a sensational eyeliner, a waterproof mascara, and plenty of dazzling, uplifting, rainbow-hued colors!

Then we can start working on the Evil Eye's communication skills--having it make an attitude adjustment and send out some "Third Eye" reassuring and relaxing vibes. I'm positive that any Evil Eye worth its salt has some hidden moves that you can all take encouragement from.

I'll keep on working on it and imagine you doing the same.

Bravo on Charlie's sturdy little healthy self!

Here's to thwarting that "evil eye," Danny.
Your children look so beautiful.
A testament to hugely warm, loving, and caring parenting.
Many smiles.

pooh pooh pooh (spit) He looks totally happy which is kind of unreal. But that's our Charlie.

I always thought it was a Southern thing, but maybe it's that pint of Jewish blood I have that makes me the same way. Anyway, I'm so glad it's going well so far. Give Charlie some huge hugs from me and take a few for yourself, too.

I am also poohing and spitting the evil eye away. There now. THAT'll do it!!! Sending lots of love to all of you!

That smile as he looks at Leah is what every female dreams of! No, I don't think you are one bit neurotic, on this issue at least, the ups and downs of hope offered, and then perhaps dashed is what will get you every time.

Charlie is the best!!!

Thinking about you all!!!
Good happy thoughts and prayers!!
LOVE!! Amanda

How can you not have at least a little edge of worry? That said, I think the collective energy, prayers, and good wishes from all over the world coming your way are enough to send the F.E.E. on its way.

Maybe it could go take a vacation in the home of a dastardly dictator somewhere....

He's never looked happier or more peaceful, which I find very reassuring. Love the headdress!
Thanks for the ongoing updates.Thinking of you every day and night.

My Italian grandmother always made the "horns" gesture behind her back to thwart the Evil Eye. To this day, I still do it!!

Headgear most becoming. He looks so cheerful! What a trooper.

I'm not even Jewish and I have the same thought process. Good news terrifies me when it's about my world. However, when I'm hearing it about your world, I am ecstatic. Charlie is amazing. You guys are amazing.


He looks like such an individual mensch!

Sending love and prayers to you all! I wish we had garbage truck related fun for you! We have lots of Dora DVDs if you would like!?

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