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February 19, 2013


Now here's a coincidence. I watched Year of Living Dangerously too yesterday. It is one of my favorite films, with the most gorgeous music and the location at which it was filmed (Phillipines) is breathtaking. And Linda Hunt..oh me sobbing heart.

Glad to hear that Charlie made it through the procedure and that his excess spinal juice is all gone.

We are thinking of you each day....!! Send love from our family to yours!

Charlie, you've really been through the ringer. I am in awe of your courage, and how you can still bring forth that great laugh.

Hats off to you and your parents. All good thoughts from Texas coming your way.

Just reading about darling Charlie puts one through the ringer. Your pain is possibly worse than Charlie’s. Our prayers are with you and your family always. Betty and family.

Danny, as I read all these posts I can only imaging what you and Kendall are going through. Please know that we are thinking about you guys all the time and that we love you. We hope to see everyone here in Chicago soon happy and most of all healthy. Please send our love to Kendall.

So good to see laughter! Hope it continues a little more each day! Lots of prayers coming your way. xo

You are an amazing bunch. May it all go easier from here.

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