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February 14, 2013


I love Charlie's singing! He's a natural!

Time to teach him a few more verses of Wheels on the Bus. He is so adorable. And Tomorrow's another day.

Charlie, for a guy in the middle of an important hospital visit, you look and sound terrific!

You are big and strong, your lungs are powerful, your memory is GREAT!, and I love your new headgear!

I can just imagine all of the fun that you are going to have when you leave the hospital and make your next visit to the Farmer's Market for breakfast and take your next stroll down the Hollywood Walk of the Stars!

Have fun and do another song for us soon!

Your friend in France,

I love you love you love you. And we're all Scoot all the time over here. Have something to send him right away. Where is best? Home? Hospital? Betsy? xxo

"Doop, dedudedu, dedededdoppdo!" LOVE the ad lib between the first verses! We love our little Charlie- and his mommy and daddy aren't half bad either! (:

SO glad you are documenting this and writing about it so beautifully!

Charlie is a SUPER HERO! His rendition of The Wheels on the Bus is the perfect Valentine.

Charlie's headgear is FABULOUS, as is his singing ++++ Hang in there, little dude! And is Scarlett's brooch big enough or what??? (I can also quote that entire movie, but I am from Atlanta, aftah all...) HUGE LOVE to all y'all +++

Love you so much, Charlie.

Rhett and Scarlet have nothing on Charlie. What a champ!
Love, Gramma Marilyn

Love to watch that sweet boy doin' this thing!! Sending hugs and kisses.

Charlie has the loveliest voice, and i adore his fingerplay gestures! He is a total DOLL, and the bravest boy champion of the world! I send him xoxoxo's!

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