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February 16, 2013


Loved this post! Made my laugh out loud , and tear up a bit! I am so happy to hear no infection is showing up! Your little man sure is being a trooper! He seems in such great spirits! I could not believe that neurosurgeons
could lack common since! Oy!

How lucky is Charlie -- he has his family, Chassids, Betty Garrett, and Irving “Swifty” Lazar all looking out for him!

Good for charlie giving those docs what for! How dare they interrupt a sleeping babe? sending happy sunday wishes to you all!

I had Charlie added to the prayers at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh's Highland Park District last week on Ash Wednesday. The nearly 140-year-old church run by two friends of mine is located right around the corner from the home Gene Kelly lived in when he was Charlie's age. Kelly, who was Catholic, did not attend this church but surely walked by it often. The high school he graduated from is just down the street as well. I like to think of Kelly walking the same streets as I do now whenever I'm up that way for one of their church arts events (mostly music or poety). Everyone there is thinking of Charlie this week and asked me to keep them posted. Everyone in Gene Kelly's old neighborhood!

I'm glad you're documenting Charlie learning all the important things in life - Yiddish terminology and the names of Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse.

Loving the daily updates.

Ah to dance like Cyd...actually, no, to just have her legs, yes, THAT would be enough for me!
This post resonated with me deeply Danny. I truly DO believe Betty was there- why ever not? Remind me to tell you a story about a personal experience with such things at a later time.

Also, up until about 3 years ago, I never wanted a tattoo... what on earth could possibly be important or "cool" enough to stamp on my body forever? I just couldn't think of anything except maybe my husband's name, which people tell me is tempting fate and I don't want to do that! Months after Fauna was born, I knew that if I ever got a tattoo, it would be a symbol of or the word, "surrender". It's what our children teach us (if we are willing to listen!) one way or another. The sweetness of letting go of control and trusting that fate will have its way and in the meantime, pray that it will be kind. But really, that release just feels sooo good- it grounds you, molds you, transforms you into a better person and better parent.
There are and have been so many people loving, praying, and setting good intention for your family. We love you deeply and think of you's so very kind of you to indulge us by allowing a peek into your days and the clips of our sweet little Charlie on this blog. Thank you.

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