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December 25, 2012


Oh, did I enjoy this post! This is exactly the kind of shtick I love, and I gobbled down every word. Wonderfully written, so very entertaining. Thank you for posting it here!

Danny, welcome back -- and what a great post. Dinah Shore? Scarlett Johansson? The Gabor Sisters? Shari Lewis? Who knew? Pas moi.

And talking of Shari Lewis: as one of your oldest shiksa friends, did you know I used to watch "The Magic Door" on Sunday mornings -- before we went to church?! heh-heh Good ol' Torahville.....

For those of us who don't go near Facebook with a 10-foot pole, I'd love to see more of your blogposts (esp. when you're too busy to answer my emails :-)).

Happy 2013 to you and Kendall and of course little Charlie. And Henry & Emma too (from our Bazzle & Boo).


So happy to read this blog. I had been trying to find you on Facebook but never could. I've been missing you and this blog was the perfect antidote to a long car ride (3hrs longer due to traffic and storm). What are you listed as on Facebook?
I wish you would friend me so I can read you on Facebook!
Surprised by Paulette Goddard! Hope you have a great New Year and all of your extended family! I do try to catch you on the movie website but on your blog, you are the star
& I don't have to search to read your reviews!

So glad you are back writing your blog again. I really missed it. I'm impressed that you remember that I wrote to and received a letter back from Danny Kaye. I stll have that letter in a scrapbook...somewhere. Glad to know you and your family are doing well. Happy 2013!

This was such a great find! I love this blog! Thank you for remembering some of the most talented people the world has ever seen.

Just a quibble--Danny Kay died his hair blonde not red, for Louis B. Mayer because blonde hair photographed better in Technicolor. Love your blog.

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