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July 15, 2012


I've been wondering where you were, Danny....I know you are very busy---I did not know that you are on Facebook--but, of course, that makes sense. I miss your visits to my blog, but, again...I figure you are too busy. So, it is good to see you posting once again---Obits though they are....!
I agree about Andy Griffith. "A FACE IN THE CROWD"...Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.
Celeste....Well, she did S.T.A.G.E. back in 1994---Not to speak ill of the dead, but let's just say, she was difficult...! But I too loved her in the films you mentioned. "GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT" is such an important film....STILL current, in my view, today.
"ALL ABOUT EVE"....My Very Favorite Of All Time!!! "COME TO THE STABLE", too....a sweet story....!
Truly Amazing that your dear son was so interested in Celeste Holms STAR, on the morbing of her death...! Life is sometimes so filled with strange and wonderful coincidences.....
Hope all is well with you and yours, my dear.

Hey! I saw Ernest Borgnine, up close and personal, at a national park visitor center one morning in Utah, in the late-'80s-early-'90s, I think.

I was on a road trip with my Frencher Half, who wouldn't have known EB from a wooden native American and, thus, was not atwitter when I told him about my celebrity sighting...

He was white-haired and I probably said something totally nul, so EB was right to just look right through me. Nevertheless, I recall the experience with a certain excitement akin to that perhaps felt by a birdwatcher stumbling upon a theretofore non-encountered winged-wonder. It was pretty cool.

Happy blaghing and happy MSN anniversary, Danny!

Daniel Mark Miller! Do not ever stop writing in this blog. Do you hear me????

I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it. It started when I googled Thelma Ritter and found your homage. Then I moved to Davy Jones and now Celeste Holm.
The first real Broadway style show I ever saw was the tour of "Mame" you mentioned when it passed through Chicago. I was entranced and credit that (and my father's love for theatre music) with my love of the stage.
Thanks for reminding me that Celeste played Karen in "All About Eve" - a favorite movie that helped inspire my performance as "Eve" in "Applause" in the late 70's. (see, ultimately it's about "me" too.)
Neverthe less, consider yourself "bookmarked" and I look forward to wading through your past blogging in addition to looking for your MSN reviews. How could I not love a fellow Chicagoan?

Just saw our other sister's comment from 7/27. I have to agree!

Keep Jew Eat Yet Alive!

Sure, we all miss more frequent postings, but infrequent is so much better than never.

Have you given any thought to cloning?

Haven't checked in for awhile- so really thrilled to see your latest entry. You are able to make the connections that this reader would not otherwise be privy to learning. Thanks for finding the time to share!

I, too, stumbled across your blog when I when I googled Thelma Ritter. Since then, I dip into your archives whenever I feel a need to connect with someone who writes as well as you do, who expresses unashamed affection, and is generous in sharing an honest slice of his human experience. When the day gets a little choppy, Jew Eat Yet sets me back on an even keel. Even an occasional piece is much appreciated. Thanks.

Dear Danny, where are you? We, I ( a long time follower of your blog) miss you. Where else can we find your always amusing musings?

Nice to hear your personal writing voice. I so loved that Cinderella. I can remember seeing it on TV the first time, just mesmerized.

did you really remember that McHale's Navy was opposite the Man from Uncle? I must have given up the former to watch the latter.

Your story about Charlie and the star gives me the chills!

Keep on blogging! Entertainers - movie stars, radio actors, TV actors - become part of our extended family. They don't know us,but we know them. Celeste Holm was always one of my favorites, ever since I first heard the original cast album of Oklahoma on 78s in the early forties (when I was a little kid).

We miss this amazing blog! Hope to hear from you again.

Danny, we miss your writing. Come back!


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