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February 09, 2012


Thanks for putting a spotlight on this bigotry and I'm glad people are fighting back. It makes me so incredibly angry when groups like this co-opt phrases like "pro-family." These people need to considered right alongside members of the KKK or Nazi Party.

Another great post, Danny. Can't wait to post this all over the internet!!!

I always wonder (when TV criticizers criticize TV) -- what's wrong with their "on/off" button on their remotes?

Wow, I did not realize that shopping at JCP's would make women just a bit more likely to experiment with lesbianism. Such a "duh!" That would make them far less likely to get pregnant and need an abortion. OMM should be thrilled!

Seems like some people need a job! Maybe they should try volunteering to reach out to others in a positive way. Don't like JCP? Don't shop there. Not that great a store anyway! Simple. "Christian values"? What if you are not Christian? The whole thing is utter nonsense. They should spend their energy by doing good. Not by spouting negative rhetoric.

Dear Danny,
Would Bill Orally come out in defense of a gay man, if that man was chosen as the spokesman for JC Penney ? I seriously doubt it. Never the less, I have to give him credit (and admit that I'm absolutely shocked) for defending Ellen DeGeneres and JC Penney.

As a gay man, I look at something like this and I can't believe anybody would waste one second waging a protest against it.

What's the "Gay Agenda ?" Our agenda is EQUAL RIGHTS, nothing more, nothing less.

What's our "Lifestyle ?" We want a decent job that pays the bills. We want a decent home in a decent neighborhood. We get up in the morning, shower and shave, get dressed, go to work, come home, greet the dog, make dinner, clean up the kitchen, watch a little TV and/or use the internet, then go to bed. Sound familiar ?

Thanks, Danny, for always lending your intelligent, compassionate, common sense voice to all subject matter.


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