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February 14, 2012


Thanks for the report. I was thinking of you all on Sun. and am glad you had a great time despite the illness!

Sounds like you had a very exciting time in spite of the gaffs....And speaking of gaffs, I believe that is Paul McCartney's wife who was with him---at least she was supposed to be....And the pairing with Tony Bennett is because of his new CD, I believe, where he does amazingly fabulous duets with a lot of different 'artists', of "standards" that we know and love---it is a glorious production in every way....There was a WONDERFUL showing of it on PBS a few weeks ago--available on DVD I believe...!
How horrible that you all were struck down by illness....Hoping all of you are "well" by now, my dear, particularly Kendall with Vertigo---not a fun thing to have.
I don't understand The Grammy's. As you said, it is really not an Award Show but a l-o-n-g varied concert, most of which is music I do not understand either. I'm old.
The death of Whitney Houston is a tragic loss. This woman had a voice that was A Gift From God! So sad that she is gone too soon. But her music will live on---the miracle of electronics!

What a delicious report of the goings on at the Grammys. Thanks for taking us there, and hope everyone is better.

Yes, Paul's wife is MOT even. And as Naomi above said, that was her.

macca knows talent ...

As always, I love your blog! My only disappointment was not getting to see Sue all dolled up! I love the photo of Jeff and his darling boys! I would love to have seen a photo of Jeff and Sue too!

I always love reading your reports! I don't think they have a clue what to do with Wilco. Every time they get nominated in a different category: Alternative, Americana, and now Rock.

Is Spencer taller than Jeff already?

Robin, my sister was a knockout on Grammy night but she forbade me to post any pictures of her. Maybe the public outcry will force her to relent. Yeah, Mike, Spencer is already taller than Jeff, I think. Yikes.

Naomi, I should have been up to speed on Paul McCartney's new wife, Nancy Shevell! And a member of the tribe yet! I just read that Sir Paul attended Yom Kippur services with Nancy last October. Oy! I forgot to mention the moment during the Glen Campbell tribute that moved me more than anything. Seeing Paul McCartney on his feet in the first row, enthusiastically singing along with every Glen Campbell song. That guy is so generous.

I watched the Grammy Awards for the first time just so I don't end up like you, not knowing who Adele was. If there is one good thing about this MSN movie gig you have, is that you are being forced to see movies that didn't come out when Louis B. Mayer was still running the studio. By the way -- I hope this wasn't a joke - but I heard that some kids on Twitter didn't know anything about that old guy singing, um -- Paul McCartney.

I'm kind of glad I turned in before the Glen Campbell thing. His songs are so lodged in my deep dark childhood unconcious, I can start bawling just hearing Southern Nights. I'll have to watch a clip of the tribute when I'm good & prepared for it. I think the term "delicious" totally fits your synopsis - Thanks!

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