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December 28, 2011


Another lovely birthday tribute to a very special young lady. Clearly she's a treasure whose value only appreciates.
Happy Birthday, Leah, and may you continue to flourish in your exploration of self.

Happy Birthday Leah!!

Danny, I was 16 or 17 when this song came out, and still so clearly remember singing it over and over again (I still remember all the words!) - every one of my girlfriends identified with it (even the popular ones, which REALLY annoyed me.) It's such a lovely, haunting melody. And oy, I had the same hairdo as Janis Ian back then....

Terrific Song!! Even though I was waaaay on the far side of 17 when it came out---I understood it, completly...! Those feelings don't go away, ever, in a way---they are there somewhere, lurking about....!
I cannot believe Janis Ian is turning 60!!!

Happy 17th Birthday Leah---you are Beautiful and Talented and have a FANTASTIC Future awaiting you---whatever you choose to do, I know you will excell....!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. She's absolutely right about NYC being the center of the universe and I hope she makes the most of it. And btw, I probably was at that very same Central Park concert.

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