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December 18, 2011


Danny, I am watching that video & am so "farklempt"..That son of yours is amazing, thank G-d for him...I feel Judy is watching all of you, not to mention watching "over you"...So many, many people will always miss her...Love to you Danny & Kendall and your beautiful family...With much affection, Marsha

I love that video!

Happy Happy Hanukkah, my dears....What a darling Video....(Too bad we don't see the dogs throwing Kidding....though I did think as I watched Kendall feeding them to the dogs--Those Latka's looked very very VERY rich....)

I hope your Holidays are WONDERFUL in every way.....! And that 2012 will be The BEST Yesr, ever!

Dear Danny,
That was really sweet. A happy Hanukkah to you and your entire family.

Love this!

Great editing on the video and simply a great video.
Happy Chanukah, Danny, to the Miller household.

Happy Chanukah to you, Danny and your wonderful family. May you have much happiness and joy!
I , too, simply love the video!
Thanks for sharing,

Happy Hanukkah, Danny, and a very Happy New Year to the entire clan!

Happy Hanukkah and a New Year filled with joy, giggles and lots of love.

Big love. Big, big love. :-) remind us of days long ago ho ho ho. I love it!
Happy Chanukah to and a very happy, healthy 2012!

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