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September 11, 2011


Interesting you mention the National Geographic connection. My husband was talking about that yesterday...

I was born on Long Island and lived in NY until I was 12. Have visited and been inside the Towers. Knew one of the firefighters who died on 9/11. He was my escort at my sister's wedding. The Pentagon deaths hit closest to home, literally and figuratively. My husband, who takes the train to D.C. daily, lost work colleagues in that attack, and the anthrax attacks affected local people in my community.

When I watched the live transmission of a second plane slamming into the other tower, I thought it was a video replay of the first attack.

ME TOO!! I had already heard the first plane fly right over our building, sounding low and strained and crippled; I waited for the shattering explosion as a disabled plane crashed into the city; instead, a few beats later, there was a neat, dull THUD with an oddly metallic reverb. THUNGG. (We are maybe 1.5 miles away.) Somehow, I did not want to go on the roof to see what the hell was THAT. I turned on the TV instead. Saw the smoking hole in the tower. Saw the other plane fly into the picture, bank steeply and plow into the other tower. First my brain, just like yours, thought it was a replay. Then the truth dawned and I said to J, "Oh. It's Osama bin Laden."

I must've recently read something about him and his determination to attack America.

So very moving, Danny...Your pictures and your recollections, sting the heart, on this 10th Anniversary of the worst attack on our beloved country since Pearl Harbor. Very Very Moving, My Dear.....

Danny, Thank you for sharing your memories so poignantly.

I avoided most of the coverage this weekend, keeping my mind focused on a number of arts events coincidentally planned for this day & yesterday. I do appreciate your stories and photos and I remember my childhood neighbor Dave Kovolcin, Raytheon engineer, on the flght from Boston that crashed into the World Trade Center. Every time I stand in my mother's driveway I imagine him in the drive way across the street working on his "souped up" cars nearly 40 years ago now. Of course, Pittsburgh is very near the Flight 93 memorial as well. It's a peaceful spot in the mountains about 90 min. east of the city, near where my father and grandparents are buried. Near "Groff Farm" where our family first settled in the 1840s. Flight 93 flew over Pittsburgh and they waited until reaching the rural area before deciding to bring it down. I recall a woman in my office telling me she heard another plane that morning and I told her it was "impossible" as the airports were all closed. I imagine, from what I read later, that it was probably Flight 93 that she heard.

Beautifully written Danny...& once again you mention your Mother & once again, I am "ferklempt"..She will always remain in all of our hearts...All good things to you & your fabulous family...Marsha

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