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July 19, 2011


After all the heartache and worry, it is such a joy to see your beautiful boy reading and singing, and hear that he is walking.

I'm so happy for ALL of you and I'm glad you shared all of your story with us.

I've had a hard day but this just made me very very very happy.

One of those strangers who loves Charlie

Oh my goodness. I so enjoyed this. What a beautiful child! Tears in my eyes - joy, joy and more joy!

Thank you for putting so much goodness together in one place. Makes me smile.

Seeing Charlie sing Mrs. Robinson made me forget the IRS wanted $18,009 from me. It was a mistake! He is too cute!

Love these videos! Post MORE and MORE! and MORE!

He's gorgeous. Haven't been reading many blogs lately, but SO enjoyed watching/listening to Charlie. Leah's also lovely and loving, as usual. My 5YO son joined me on the couch when he heard Charlie's sweet voice. "Cute baby!" he said. My older boys remember praying for him -- your entire family. Thank you for sharing! Keep singing!

They should reissue Mermaid Avenue (which I love), and put that first one on there. :)

Oy, oy, oy!!! I'll say it again: oy!!! I'm plotzing!!!

(In a good way!)

Like daughter, like mother, I'm plotzing too. The singing, the reading, the walking! OY.

What sheer joy . . . my cartoon heart is popping out of my chest.

PLEEEZ record his "Scarborough Fair" . . .

Need. Help. Can't. Stop. Watching.

Charlie is so cute!

Thanks for sharing those Danny! Charlie is adorable -- those videos completely reversed my mood on this busy hot Wednesday morning.

could he be any cuter???

I have to agree with my learned colleague and sister. Can't stop watching. Although it might be easier if I could stop thinking of who I could make smile by sending it to them.

Thank you so much for sharing these videos! He is such a joy! I am one of those complete strangers who happened on your blog (via your post about Amy Carter-we are the same age and when I was a kid I thought it would be so cool to live in the White House). I so look forward to your posts, especially the ones about Charlie and have just been thrilled to see Charlie's progress. Give that boy an extra hug today!

Thanks so much for these new videos of Charlie..Goodness knows, I've tried to find you on Facebook but couldn't so I'm glad you posted here.
He's so adorable, he can read & sing to me any
day...Maybe he'll collaborate with his big cousin on songs!

Yet another plotz-worthy post. Made my day!

Your son takes my breath away.

Wow. I'm verklempt. And this from a Connecticut Yankee, Episcopalian, aetheist, male living in Montana!
I've followed your travails for some time and couldn't be happier for you, Charlie and the missus.
What a little schmarty! Oy.

No apologies needed.........more Charlie please!

What a doll baby!

Charlie 4-EVAH!!!

Much too cute. Yes, I'm just one of those strangers, but Charlie just puts me away. Somewhere, Woody is smiling.

I just shared these w/ chuck, and he got teary- eyed! OY charlie is clearly doing so amazingly well, he is a miracle baby for sure! Can you say adorable, charming, sweetness, darling????? I am totally and completely kvelling! xoxoxo susie

My kids saw me watching and then they required viewing time, and then they wanted me to track down all other videos of Charlie... you've just added two more smitten strangers to Charlie's fan list. It really does a body good to see him growing in so many ways!

Danny, you're killin' me, here !
The older I get, the more sentimental I am.
Just watching and listening to Charlie, brought a tear to my eye.
I followed his early days, as if it were a real life soap opera, where you get caught up in the characters and pull for them to be happy and healthy.
So glad to see that Charlie's doing so well.


best post ever!

Precious, precious boy. I love how comfortable and happy he is cuddling with his sister. You have a lovely voice, Danny.

I love this child.

From another stranger, but not really, because I'm Pam's sister.

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