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June 08, 2011


Oh God, sounds awful. I"m glad you are OK! The Saint FB status is priceless :)

I'm getting two glasses of water right now!

I think my legs are stuck together.

I am so happy to know that you are better, Danny.

Oh G-d, I NEVER drink water, and I don't think coffee counts. And, I'd kill for a kidney stone if the pain makes you not want to eat. (Why did your post suddenly become all about me?) I'm so glad you're better and hope that the color of your urine looks less like Kool-Aid and more like lemonade! BTW, what's with the "Fall Risk"? Huggies!

Should I post here or Facebook - which is your bigger demographic?

So glad to hear you're doing well and out of pain! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Just reading this made me squirm in sympathy. I am so glad you're on the road to recovery.

Bless your heart. They gave my mom propofol when she had her colonoscopy. She loved it-said it was the first time that going under didn't make her sick to her stomach, and walked out of the surgery center and even went to grocery store with me. It's a wonder drug when used correctly.
You may want to try a product called Cystex(cranberry suppliment)to prevent future issues. Hope you feel better soon!


Last August I ended up in the hospital with an E. Coli prostate infection (which I didn't know was possible). I flew to San Francisco for the first day of my new job and only lasted an hour in the office before I was in so much pain from not being able to pee that I had to be rushed to the hospital. I was peeing through a tube for a few days & it was one of the most unpleasant things ever.

They dismissed me with a prescription for vicodin (which I refused), along with a 2 month supply of antibiotics. I'll never take peeing for granted again.

I am so sorry you had to go through that! Glad to hear it has been taken out. Oy!

I feel your pain. Literally. I had a kidney stone in December. I have 4 children, and yes, the kidney stone was worse than all four childbirths combined. You were spared the indignity of having to strain your pee to know when the stone passed. Glad you're feeling better!

We must not be Facebook friends because this is the first I heard of your ordeal. Okay, I did hear via Citizen of the Month's blog, but does that count? What kind of blog friends are we, anyway? I'm off to friend you on Facebook...and follow you on Twitter. Anything else I should do?

FYI, I had a kidney stone this week. Not news for me, but definitely feeling solidarity with you.
Is that too much info?

I'm glad the procedure was a success and that you're feeling better. Now that I know all about your insides and private parts, I'm looking forward to your return to regularly scheduled programming.

Only YOU could make me laugh out loud while reading about kidney stones. So glad to hear the worst is over. Now, keep it that way!

Danny, I hope you're feeling better. I'm drinking lots of water. Sheila, you make it sound like it's an everyday occurrence with you.

Danny: Kidney stones must be Dante's 10th circle. Glad you're now pain free, de-stoned, and un-stoned. Wishing you now uninterrupted good health ad infinitum. PS. Your description of that urological procedure did indeed make me squirm. Marc

I never knew a kidney stone could be so -- well -- entertaining!! Thank you for warning me to drink more water, and, uh, the other stuff. Heal well.

OWWWW! I had no idea you were going through all this horror show, Danny. I am not on Facebook, so I am not in the "know"....! I am very happy your Stone has been removed...Not as happy as you, probably, (lol) But I have always heard that Kidney Stones are the worst pain possible.... Rest well, my dear, and drink lots and lots of the best drink there is: WATER!

Glad your stone is out, Danny, but what a piker you are. LOL. (There's an ancient phrase for you.) One stone? I've passed over 1,500 stones, then they stopped coming out and built up inside to where I eventually had 5 pounds of stone removed from one kidney and 3 from the other. My urgent advice for you is to go to a nephrologist (they are vastly different from urologists) to find out what caused your stones and to take steps to prevent any more.

Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery!

What an ordeal, sorry to hear about it, even after it is over, your retelling of it was compelling and painful. I am glad everything ends well, and soon will just remain another great blogpost of yours.

you poor thing! I'm glad you're feeling better. Excuse me while I go get myself a tall glass of water :)

So sorry to hear about your pain. So glad to hear it's all over. must drink more water too...thanks for reminding us!

My friend and running partner has had six children, all naturally -- only breathing, squeezing things and moaning through contractions. Two weeks ago she endured a kidney stone. We chatted about the pain yesterday at the gym, and she said the kidney stone was much worse than childbirth.

I'm sorry for your ordeal, and hope that you continue to heal... and drink your water. :)

Good to chat with you earlier. I didn't see this as your drama happened last week when I was down in DC watching Follies at the Kennedy Center and to think I complained about the 102 degree F heat while back in LA you were enduring far greater misery. I'm glad you're doing better now. Keep drinking that water!

When you said "grizzly details" I feared a bear was involved somehow. Luckily, not. Glad you are better! A gallbladder attack is this bad, too. Narcotics can be your friend!

SOOO glad they got it out, Danny!! Enjoy just being pain free!

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