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June 21, 2011


What a great opportunity for you to get up close to all those items. It's a good thing you didn't get those divans--your dogs would have ripped them apart!

Thanks for the report. I met Debbie when she did her one-woman show in the area about two years ago and at that time she said she was debating whether to sell or go with the Pigeon Forge deal. It was apparent from talking with her that finances were tight. While it is too bad these things went on the auction block, at least she'll be back to "living large" once again . . . but at "what price, Hollywood?"

Kendall is the reason I first watched Gaslight. She needs that dress! Is it too late to take up a collection for the $39k? ;)

So fascinating Danny! Thank you so much for sharing your encyclopedic knowledge of Hollywood film history with us! xoxo

Debbie and her collection deserved better. All those deep pockets in Hollywood should have built her the museum for that collection, and paid her as curator. After all, its their professional history, too.

My daughter and I also attended the preview. I was surprised how close they let everyone get to most of the items. FIDM LA isn't nearly as accommodating when they exhibit the Oscar costumes every year.

We really liked the monitors that showed the movie scenes the costumes were in.

What I really enjoyed about the auction was the publicity Debbie Reynolds did before hand. Seeing and hearing her again in all sorts of (relatively) live situations was such a treat. Never mind the costumes--her face is iconic for me!

You are a TRUE "FAN" Danny...! And I mean that in the BEST way....I so wish you could have bought something from that auction---Maybe #2 and/or #3 will yeild some great treasure that you and Kendall CAN afford!! Listen, it's only money!!

I went to the Judy Garland Auction at the Beverly Hilton years and tears ago---some time in the late 1970's or early 1980's---I can't remember exactly...They were selling things like her "Musical Arrangements for "The Man That Got Away"...OHHHHHH HOw I wanted that ....But, I did not get it---it was too rich for my pocketbook....I ended up getting some Orchestral parts from another less famous Garland arrangement and THRILLED to have them. Was it worth what I paid? Well, it was to me because it was me being able to own a teeny tiny part of History that had great great meaning for me, having seen Garland "LIVE" at the Palace three times in that first go-round and then later in 'concert' at The Met and the Most Fabulous Concert at The Hollywood Bowl, doing the same concert she had done at Carnegie Hall, the summer of the year of the Carnegie Hall Concert....!
I urge you to go to those next two auctions and IF you can, DO buy something, my dear. You and Kendall will treasure it forever....

It Was GREAT to see you both today....Really Really WONDERFUL! We must make this a "regular" thing---Please!

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