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June 15, 2011


Too funny ..... and of course, Charlie shined. Does he have an agent yet?

I so need photos of Charlie and Leah singing duets at the piano. Just sayin'...

Get out of here!!! Danny, he looks exactly like you. With all due respect to his beautiful mom.

Thank you, I so needed a laugh today. (I just snorted my drink out my nose at 4:12). That was fabulous and Charlie is my new favourite star!

Love it! May I steal it, and post it on FB, so everyone will know I knew that "Chinese baby" way back when? (You know, kinda like knowing Jodie Foster when she was the Coppertone Girl.)

That picture of Charlie at the piano...
His joy just makes my heart feel huge.

hope i'm around when he's older to watch the evolution of a young maestro.

i think he looks a bit like Sir Elton John at the piano! Oy, i am kvelling at his absolute adorableness :)

LOL, LOL...I LOVE your "credit"...Baby! Now don't become out and out Stage Mother & Stage Father...PLEASE! Consult JVP before going further, please.....HA HA!

I loved seeing Charlie!!! He is such a ham!!! I look forward to seeing him in other roles!!! One of my favorite babies!!!

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