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April 19, 2011


A very clever Seder, indeed, Mr. Miller! Bravo! We utilized portions of Craig Buck's more modern take on the story, "Ina Gada Hagaddah"...available on!
Happy Passover to you and yours!

De Mille mother was jewish.

Danny, you've outdone yourself! I'm amazed by your creativity and your broad knowledge--cinema, history, religion, and more. Thanks for a peek into your seder.

Danny, Charlie looks like the reincarnation of Itsheh Mayer! What is "the actual hagadah"? Is it the one given out by Maxwell House Coffee?
Don't know which is the actual one? From what country, what century? Just asking...;-)

Chag Pesach Sameach/Good YomTov to you and your family! I've posted elsewhere on your wonderful blog. Thank you for these great and informative posts!

Wonderful Pesach post, Danny!

Please explain the tri-colored matzah ball; I know of tri-colored gefilte fish loaves, but nothing in the way of Technicolor (TM) matzah balls!

Danny...this sounds like a most unusual Ceremony....Personally, I have never been a fan of this film, and have always been aware of DeMille's Anti-Semetic leanings, which I'm sure colored my view of this film, but also, the fact that almost no Jewish actors were used always seemed ridiculous to me....!
Ad by the way, Olive Deering was NOT Sean Penn's mother...Eileen Ryan is his mother. (BTW: Olive Deering was Alfred Ryder's sister---a bit of Trivia about her....)
A Belated Happy Passover to you all and your dinner sounded scrumptious----It made my mouth water just reading the Menu! What are Tri-Color Matzo Balls??

Off topic, sort of....."DRIVING MISS DAISY" far as I know, NO Jewish actress has ever played 'Miss Daisy' is always cast with a very obvious white-bread-"Chiksa"....This has always bothered me terribly. I just don't get it!

Late to the seder again. I'm so sorry. This sounds like the most fun-filled seder ever. Can we come to your house next year instead of Jerusalem? I've already done Pesach in Israel and it was too darn serious. Charlie looks so adorable all dressed up.

Edward G. Robinson would have kvelled. Yeah, Moses, yeah. I'm your brother, Aaron...

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