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March 01, 2011


A great tribute to one of old Hollywood's most fascinating personalities. I met Jane once more than 30 years ago and found her to be just as you described her. Goodbye to another entertainment icon.

We have so much to discuss.

A lovely tribute, Danny....! Many many years ago someone I knew who "practiced" Primal Therapy in the Santa Barbara area, had Ms. Russel as a patient---I found that really fascinating and it made me look at her in a new way. She was a very brave woman in every respect.

BTW: The picture I used of Betty was from the Reprise show..(I actually did say what the show was--maybe you skipped over that part---"My One And Only".....)...She LOVED fooling the Audience like that...!

I'm a big fan of Jane Russell (love, love, love her with Robert Mitchum) and of your tribute...but got kind of freaked when I read in her obit about her "romance" with the right wing... but at the same time, until I read it here, didn't know about her adoption activism...still think she was one smart, feisty, no nonsense woman, who never was diva-ish or took herself too seriously, with just a hit of crazy politics added to the mix.

I just noticed that her mother's maiden name was "Jacobi" -- so, maybe Jane was secretly Jewish?

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