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February 24, 2011


How did I miss your post with your 2011 predictions? Just caught up with it and with this. Can't chat long as we're on the way to see the live-action short nominees.

Two questions, Danny: So what's the reason they've switched to 10 films (just bring in more money to films?) and why did they bring in these two to host? What happened to hysterically funny people hosting?

Whether your have inside info or not, your educated guess will be superior to any other source in my book.

Thanks. And if you can make it to my Oscars party, I promise plenty of nibbles.

Yes, I'm sure the decision to have ten Best Picture nominees was a ploy to get people out to see more films (it worked with me, I felt compelled to see all of them!) and I heard one Academy member say they were tired of just the artsy films getting nominated and wanted to open it up to a wider (more popular) pool. (They got a lot of flak when "Dark Knight" wasn't nominated a few years ago.)

As for Franco and Hathaway, it has to be a blatant attempt to bring in a "younger" audience of viewers since the entire movie industry is obsessed with appealing to youth, youth, youth. I like both those actors but for my money, I'd rather exhume Bob Hope and prop him up on that stage.

Dear Danny,
You're the guy who should be filling Roger Ebert's seat in the balcony. I'm serious. Your love of film, your film knowledge, and your ability to talk about films in a way that any of us can understand and appreciate, places you head and shoulders above that annoying pair who are currently attempting to pass as Gene and Roger.

Danny, don't know how you missed RESTREPO, one of the best war documentaries ever made.

Or ANOTHER YEAR, perhaps Mike Leigh's finest film (and a perfect bookend for HAPPY-GO-LUCKY). I saw it again in Norway last week, with Norwegian subtitles. What a trip.

And not a comment about so-called "foreign" films? That's not like you. I'm happy to remind you and your readers to see DOGTOOTH from Greece. It's high time a film by 'my people' is worthy of a nomination. A bizarre allegory on family, DOGTOOTH will stay in your mind for a very long time.......

Still amazed that we grew up together but didn't know about each other's enthusiasm for film until we met again in our 40's! Think of how many classes we could have cut together to catch opening-day matinees!

Thanks, Gordon! And Donna, you are so right--I just watched "Restrepo" on Netflix and it was fantastic. Talk about feeling like you are THERE. It's 3 am and I can't sleep because of a bad cold and even the large dose of Nyquil I just drank didn't make my attention waver during that riveting film.

I know, I can't believe I didn't see any of the foreign films--I will look for "Dogtooth." Helena (our only high school mate who is now a member of the Academy) used to be on the Foreign Film Nominating Committee and I saw every foreign film that year but I've haven't seen much lately, sadly.Whoa--hold the phone--"Dogtooth" is on Netflix already...I'm on it!

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