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February 27, 2011


Great fun Danny. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Those gowns in the 50s were beautiful. I love the song "Baby It's Cold Outside". Sarah is driving home from Berkeley and we are going to watch the Oscars together. Looking forward to it.

" Oh, for those long-ago days of true Hollywood glamour and worthy presenters. Let’s pray that the Academy doesn’t go too far in trying to appeal to a younger audience."

Danny, I couldn't agree more. Tonight's Academy Awards ceremony had way more than it's share of embarrassing moments. I'm sure that everyone noticed how the audience cheered when Billy Crystal came out. And, I'll bet they were all wishing he would return as host. What some people don't seem to get is that the Oscars are not supposed to be a slapstick comedy or a comedy roast. They are (at least in my mind) supposed to be an elegant affair, with beautiful clothes, good taste, good manners, and lots of class. Yet, I'm fully aware that, every year, no matter what they do on the show, most people will complain. So, there you are. I still love the Academy Awards.

Soon, security concerns will rule out the Kodak Theatre and shutting down a block of a major urban thoroughfare and it'll have to be moved to a Holiday Inn convention center in the far, faaaar outer suburbs.

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