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February 06, 2011


You're more generous than I could possibly be. Makes me like you even more, Danny, but as for Reagan.... no way. (Go Steelers!)

Peggy Noonan wrote a book called When Character was King. You may learn something from it. Reagan was a man who loved our country. He came from such very humble beginnings(drunken father, his mother had to take in laundry to make ends meet, he had to work his way through school)to be the leader of our country. He helped to bring about the end of Communism and end the Cold War.

I think he was one of our worst presidents. Most of our current mess can be traced back to his policies. He made personality & image more important than substance, which led to George W. Bush & Sarah Palin.

The posts preceding mine show what a diverse readership you have. I could not come up with any good things to say about RR, but you were very creative in your choices. BTW, were you rooting for the Steelers because the Packers beat your beloved Chicago team?

What I meant to say was "the team from your beloved Chicago." You're not really a football fan, are you?

Dear Danny,
I was always moved by Reagan's positive can-do attitude. When he said that everything would be just fine, he made me (and most people) believe it. Whether or not he was acting, we'll never know. But, it was good for the country.

Nicely done Danny. It can be hard to separate the politics from the person but I think you hit the nail on the head with this post.

Hi, Danny,
Congratulations on painting RR as a mensch. Too bad that menschiness (menschiosity?) is not the only qualification for President of the United States. It's inevitable that everyone would be talking about all of his virtues on the 100th anniversary of his birth, but let's not forget what seems to be unmentionable amongst his disciples: how many times he raised taxes, deregulation, and Iran Contra (to name a few items). Reaganomics? Phooey!

Reagan HELPED bring about the end of the Cold War because he recognized Gorbechev was a true reformer. Most of the Right at the time (including some in his own administration) failed to recognize that.

You are a real mensch. I like those 5 reasons. Most of the time, I disliked him. However, I loved listening to Ron on the radio(Air America), and miss him.

I'll give you 'King's Row', a fine movie and a fine performance. As for that man...his enduring legacy to this country is that he made selfishness and greed, which used to be thought shameful into what is now considered patriotic by his followers.
In my house there is only one argument: I blame Reagan and my husband blames Nixon.

How nice of you to find something nice to say about this man. You must be a very lovely person.

I seem to remember that RR had the State of the Union address scheduled for the evening of the Challenger disaster.

When asked if the white house would postpone it news outlets were told no, it would go on as scheduled, which I thought was a bad idea. After it was apparent how affected the country was the days events, the decision was then made to put off the State of the Union for a week.

I don't know that this means anything, other than sometimes even the best people at handling PR and image can misguage public opinion.

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