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February 18, 2011


Looks like you had a wonderful time here! Next time you come in try to squeeze in some "old" friends time!! Charlie is adorable. Thanks for sharing the pics of you and your great family.

Hey Danny, I absolutely love the pics, charlie is absolutely beautiful!However that said, the blackboard list is tdf!

Yeah, thanks for sharing. All the pictures are great, but in the last one Charlie looks like a professional model!

When we lived in Chicago, that practice of "saving" shoveled-out parking spots annoyed me so much. Apparently, people do it in Boston also.

What did you bring me? Hello? Helloooooo???

Dear Danny,
Wonderfully descriptive account of your trip. For 25 years, I lived in the snow belt of New York State, and I can honestly say that I don't miss those Winters one bit. Charlie must be the most contented kid in the world. He always looks happy, and curious about everything around him. What a prize.

The beards look natural!Does Sammy need a job?

you missed manny's...huh. I will not share this with my nephew-in-law.
FYI-when Andrew was Charlie's age, David used to tease me..."one day, you will turn around and he'll be shaving"...
well, those days are here and it is sad as they did fly by. Enjoy!

LOVED this, Danny! You do such a uniquely awesome job of reviewing our vehicles...with a little fabulous entertainment thrown in. And I totally dig the beard photo. A big Michigan hello to your fam from me!

I love Charlie's bundled up pic. how sweet.

FABOOOOOO pix!!! Everyone looks so happy in the coldest city ever!!

BTW, I'm friends with some of Mavis' back-up band...Jeff, Rick and Steve!

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