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February 13, 2011


Dear Danny,
Betty Garrett was one of those women who just got lovelier with age. She was pure sunshine. Singing. Dancing. Smiling. Happy. She brought life to every scene she was in. I was pleased to cross her path one time when I was in L.A.

I am a blog friend of one of her good friends (Naomi of Here in the Hills) and that is how I learned of her death. I've been privileged to hear all about her and see many recent photos of Betty on Naomi's blog. She will be sorely missed.

What a nice tribute to your friend, Danny. I really enjoyed reading it.

Thank you!!!!

Danny...thank you for your wonderful tribute to our dear Betty ! Carole joins me in sending you, Kendall and Charlie Boy our warmest thoughts and, as always, our special LOVE ! Tom

I read the obit online before reading your blog. I immediately thought of you and Kendall and Betsy. My heart goes out to you.

I first spotted your link on your FB page, then turned to Naomi's blog. So sorry about this great loss in the entertainment world and in your personal lives.
I posted "Baby It's Cold Outside" as sung by her and Red Skelton (what a delightful surprise for me to see this version of the song)on my FB page.
The world became a bit less sunny without Betty in it.

Lovely post. Thank you!
I am really liking your blog.

My Betty Garrett story:

Oh, I'm sorry to hear this news and am sorry for your loss. I have told you my Betty Garrett story--my tiny son seeing her in Words and Music and saying "when she's in New York she drives a taxi"--and he and I also talked about her boyfriend, Chip, which because of On the Town is what my boys think Frank Sintra's name is.

She had such a sweetness and brassiness and obvious intelligence. I bet she just loved your family.

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