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January 28, 2011


Great post, Danny. I can't believe it's been 25 years. Seems like just yesterday.

Great post, Danny. I can't believe it's been 25 years.
This was a tragedy strongly felt, but to me the biggest one was Jonestown because those children were murdered.
Still, your post made me remember how horrified I was that day as I watched the news.

This moved me beyond words. Thank you for remembering those we should not forget. We're the same age and it makes our memories somehow parallel. I was at an "early" job too.

I loved every word of this post. My college roommate and I cried that day, thinking about all of the astronauts, and "that teacher". What a gift that you have a friend in Peggy. Your "thank you" to Judy moved me. This entire post moved me...

Thank you Danny for the moving post. I remember it too-very clearly. Hard to believe it has been 25 years. Wow.

i had just turned fourteen, and was in the junior high gym at a basketball game for reasons i can no longer recall. word went around the gym. i didn't believe it. none of us believed it.

i think it was one of those collective loss-of-innocence moments, one in which the unthinkable became real.

looking at those pictures it suddenly seems so long ago. but the memory doesn't. strange.

this was a beautiful tribute.

Hugs to you, Danny! Big, gigantic hugs! Thank you for honoring Judy again with this informative and heartfelt blog. I am so grateful that Judy's work- and her tragic death - lead me to know you- and Kendall, and beautiful Leah and little Oliver and adorable Charlie.

I wish you could have been there this morning.

Danny, this is a wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

I love your tribute. i remember sitting at the edge of my bed, pregnant with my daughter, having just dropped off my son at pre-school, watching with excitement the lift-off. OMG, then it happened. So hard to believe. It seems like yesterday, but looking at my daughter (also a blogger) I see how time has flown by!

I remember that day all too well....So shocking and terrible. 25 years ago--Lord...Hard to believe it is that long.
A wonderful post Danny, and how wonderful that Peggy has become a friend...!

You asked where I lived when I first came to Los Angeles. The first 5 weeks or so, I stayed with my sister...Then, I found an apartment on Hollywood Blvd..I actually did a post showing little snapshots of it...I was there for three years and found my house in early 1964..Bought it, and, the rest is History, as they say.....

I just happened to interview one of Christa McAuliffe's former students this past week (for an unrelated tv show). He said the experience had been devastating, watching it all happen live in the classroom. He is interviewed every year on the anniversary of the tragedy, and said that he has finally been able to let it go and move on. It was pretty powerful, listening to him speak about it. He said Christa's parents were very concerned about the freezing temperatures (which had been the cause of 2 delays), and that there was a lot of pressure to have the launch happen in time for the President's state of the union address. He said that Christa's parents were not happy when Christa called them the morning of the launch and told them they were going to do it in spite of the temperatures.

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