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January 26, 2011


The only film I've seen from the vast list is The Social Network, and my one word critique os it is "meh". We have downloaded a few of the films and I'll watch them before the awards. But I can say right now that I'm leaning towards the Kings Speech. Just because I love a period drama. And Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth in the same film? Be still my heart.

*spoiler alert*

I can't believe "True Grit" was nominated. It was violent and gruesome and I thought the young actress was terrible. It sounded like she was reading her lines(and not very well). The words seemed too big for her to spit out.

I loved Annette Bening in "The Kids Are Allright", but I am tired of the ongoing Hollywood theme of extramarital afairs.

"The King's Speech" was fabulous and I think it deserves any and all awards. To portray someone with a speech impediment is an amazing achievement. Who cares if it was completey accurate? The film was inspiring and uplifting which is something there is too little of in Hollywood these days.

Australian films don’t get much of a look in round your way Danny, hence why you've probably never heard of Animal Kingdom. It’s a neat little crime family drama based on real life events in the 80's. Jacki Weaver plays the matriach, but for mine, it’s the eldest sons performance which I liked the most (Ben Mendelson). Jacki Weaver has been acting here for years, and is one of those most loved and extremely competent character actors that are the life blood of great films. Saw her late last year in a local production of Uncle Vanya with a cast that included Hugo Weaving, Richard Roxburgh, Cate Blanchett and John Bell. For the actors I'd go Colin Firth, Natalie Portman (Annette Benning - was good but not great), I think Geoffrey Rush did a fabulous job but its unlikely to go to him as you guys wont pick 2 foreigners for the male awards, but I cant comment on the Supporting Actress as The Fighter hasn’t come out yet and I have never heard of Melissa Leo. The Social Network was good, but not great though the script will win for sure. The Kings Speech was non-offensive enough for most folk to love it so my money is on that one too. Guy Pearce as David was a surprising casting choice but it worked so well. I had dinner with a girlfriend before going to the cinema to see The Kings Speech on Boxing Day, she had already seen it and loved it but made a point of saying to me to make sure I don’t give the ending away, she was surprised when I told her he was the Queens dad and its not exactly a secret. I am surprised at how well The Kids Are Alright is doing, but it was a lite year for films of quality in the most part.

Dear Danny,
You're so knowledgeable and so good at describing the films and the performances that you could sit next to Roger Ebert any day of the week.
This is one of the few years that I haven't seen any films. There's still time. And, I'd love to see "The King's Speech."

Danny, I always like reading your predictions, even though I rarely see more than a few movies each year. That's probably why I like your write-ups--because I find out what I've missed.

You can't leave us hanging about what happened that made Julianne Moore yell at you! Spill it!

Yes, please tell us about why Julianne Moore yelled at you. Did she do it in character as though she were playing Alec Baldwin's tough high school crush from Boston? Otherwise she always seems so nice.

Recently I downloaded Social Network and The King's Speech (from )! It was intresting to me about what was raised a clamour!!! So, as for me I don't like at all the first one and the King's speech really desereves of all praise!!!

Have been waiting for your predictions ... love them ... and was surprised that you gave it to Bening. I thought she was (is) great, but I so want Portman to win. What a performance! Desperate - indeed - flawless - definitely.

Thanks for this post, Danny, as always! [oy - I would love to hear why Moore yelled at you :-) ...!]

Oy, why did I bring that up? I guess I can't include such a tease without spilling it. I was at a Marianne Williamson lecture (she speaks here every Tuesday night at a theatre on La Brea and Melrose) and at the beginning she always has everyone introduce themselves to the people all around them. I said my hellos and then noticed a woman sitting behind me but several seats to the right coming at me with an outstretched hand. I sat there paralyzed just watching her when she said, "You could at least meet me halfway!" I quickly stood up and shook her hand. Yep, it was Julianne Moore. I'm not usually starstruck when I see movie stars in that audience but she caught me off guard. So, even though she "yelled" at me, I deserved it!

Awww... That Julianne Moore story is funny! Are you sure it was her? Did you say anything else?

Any other picks?

And what's your vote for the Razzies?

It is quite probable that the Coen brothers could film a toilet paper commercial and I would love it but, that said, as with all of their films, for me, I saw "True Grit," had a couple of reservations, but, in the end, as usual, the film expands after the fact in my mind and I'm left thinking about what wizards they are. I saw the original "True Grit" and it was a cowboy film for me. But "True Grit 2" is a tour-de-force riff on vengeance and its ultimate cost.

I love Melissa Leo and hope like hell that she just keeps pluggin' away at those inimitable performances of hers.

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