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January 10, 2011


Dear Danny,
I wish you'd write more often.

Danny, what an interesting tribute! You've once again introduced me to a celebrity I didn't know about.

great one, Danny!

Danny, for the first time you've mentioned a show I don't recall. I suppose it's because we never missed Gomer Pyle.

Thank you for clearing up the Babs thing, Danny


I love Anne Francis!

I particularly loved the sound of her voice. I can still hear it in my mind as I read your post here.

A lovely piece.

Hope things calm down on the work front!

Thanks, Danny!

You didn't disappoint, and yes, I still have my Honey West doll, as well as my Josette Dupree music box from Dark Shadows.

Loved this post!!!!

Did Barbara ever respond to the open letter Anne wrote to her?Was it made public?Juicy gossip is hard to come by!

Wow -- I never heard the Babs/Anne story. This blog was really enjoyable. Loved the newspaper advertisement, too. Thanx for that,

I wanted 2b Honey West and Emma Peele! So cooool!

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