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December 28, 2010


Happy birthday, Leah!

God bless you and your family, Danny.

One of my favorite songs and scenes in a movie, in spite of the sexist and heterosexist messages. Happy birthday, Leah and be glad you are 16 in this day and age!

Danny, Leah is so lovely! Best wishes to her in this new adventure!

Happy Birthday, Leah! A courageous girl with a supportive family.

Yay for Leah. Both of my kids and most of their friends were unschooled. We skipped the CHSPE and they went directly to community college about the same age. Leah has gained so much time to focus on what is important to her.


She is such an amazing girl. Happy Birthday, Beauty. Leah, Danny...not you! xo

Wow, what a milestone! I remember so well the cherubic baby with the flaming red curls. Happy birthday, Léah, and mazel tov, Danny!
Gros bisous,

I have enjoyed following Leah's story in bits and pieces here for five years. Happy Birthday!

It's wonderful to see Leah grow and thrive on your blog, not that I would dare say it feels like knowing her, but still, yes, a little, maybe. Happy birthday to her, she looks gorgeous, and way to go on her project, this is courageous and very telling of her shiny personality, may she succeed in what she undertakes!

You are right to be a proud dad!

Happy sweet 16 to Leah!Enjoy your day... You are a beauty!! It goes by so quickly. My son turned 27 yesterday and became engaged last weekend!

Happy Birthday Miss Leah!!
Danny, she is seriously beautiful! That top picture makes me think of an old Hollywood glamour girl! Seriously, you may need to invest in a shot-gun to clean for when young men come to call. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Leah!

Congratulations on the big "fork in the road" plans. If anybody has role models at one's fingertips for such a daring plan, it is you! I can't wait to hear the itinerary! Perhaps you'll make a detour through France? If so, fall on by the house!

Beautiful photos and happy birthday to Leah. I wish her much success with her choices. I did the traditional route of graduating from the big suburban public high school then straight to (a local) college as well and then off into the corporate workforce (all in the same city) where I remain 30 years later. To this day I think, if only I'd had the options young people have today. Even home-schooling would have been preferable to the soul- and creative-spirit crushing misery I endured in "regular" high school. It took me years to get over it and in some ways I'm still processing it. May Leah have every success on her special journey and be thankful for such a supportive family as well!

What a daddy love letter! What a talented family.

Happy belated to Leah. She's gorgeous. I wish I had done what she's doing. It looks like you guys did a wonderful job of raising her.

Happy birthday to Leah! What a beautiful glamor shot.

Dear Danny,
Leah is so beau-ti-ful.
Beauty AND brains !
I can see that probably her greatest personal asset is no fear of failure. That means that she'll be a huge success, no matter what.
You have every reason to be proud.
Happy Birthday, Leah !

Sweet every way.
Mazel Tov, and happy birthday, Leah.

she's beautiful. I think it's exciting that she's taking the autodidact route - I think it will give her wonderful perspective on the world before heading off to college. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

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