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December 17, 2010


I also had an encounter with Blake Edwards in a movie theater! I wasn't with you, was I? Just shows you -- LA life...

I'm a big fan of Blake Edwards. I think I've seen all of his movie. He was clearly the Billy Wilder of his generation, working on some of the funniest, and dramatic films for decades.

Dear Danny,

I will agree with you on "Desk Set." It's a film that I've seen countless times, and remains in my top ten. It shows the principle cast at the top of their form. And, the writing and directing and editing were brilliantly done.

But, "Breakfast at Tiffany's ?" Yikes. Edwards took a fine Truman Capote story and absolutely destroyed it (maybe it was done in the editing room) to the point where it's difficult to even figure out what the film is about. But, yes, the Mickey Rooney character was especially painful to watch.


can i just tell you that i was also watching the Andy Hardy movies on TCM the other night, adoring every wonderful moment! thank you for sharing marvelous insights and anecdotes; much appreciated and enjoyed. i hereby dub you Sir Hollywood Film History Mavin! xoxo

It's funny...

I have occasion to reflect, here in la France profonde upon things like the extent to which a man I never met--and never will, given the news announced in your wonderful post here today--had a profound influence upon my psyche over a period of decades.

"The Days of Wine and Roses" is a difficult film to separate from the actual events that occurred in the bosom of my own family and I recently used a film clip of it in a post of my own at "an ersatz Frenchwoman." Almost all of his films, I realize upon reading your tribute here, were seen by me in the context of life with my parents--"Operation Petticoat" at the drive-in in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was 6 or 7...

You have intrigued me with the reference to "That's Life." I may never have seen that one and it sounds like it would be spot on as I close in on the last years of my 50s. (I believe that you may want to reread that section of your article and change "actual Malibu film" to "...home.")

The last thing that I want to mention is how it hit me that Lee Remick's "Kirsten Arnesen" reminded me vividly of the young, naive secretary in "Mad Men."

Happy Holidays, Danny and best wishes for the waning days of 2010 and the impending brand spanking New Year of 2011!

Danny this is why I LOVE your blog. Only you would pay tribute to Miss EMERAC! Neva Patterson was FABULOUS in that role. I always thought she was ravishingly beautiful too. Even though "Desk Set" isn't technically a Christmas movie, I watch it every year about this time, primarily for the Christmas office party scene and Joan and Kate and the Mexican Avenue Bus. Thank you for this. RIP Neva.

Thank you, once again, Danny. For this thoughtful post. Yes, I remember the Governor and JJ. I loved that Dan Dailey always looked like he was having a wonderful time. The show had a breezy charm not often seen.

And thank you Wendy Oborne for the "Mexican Avenue" reference. I, too, love this movie for the same reason you do. It is never shown on the otherwise superb TCM and I always wonder why. And yes, I watched as much Andy Hardy as I could get away with Thursday.

I was home from work sick one afternoon in the middle of last week and Days of Wine and Roses was running on TCM. Hadn't seen it in years but it was great, and had Jack Klugman in a supporting role. After the film ended, news reports of Edwards' death came on shortly afterward. Odd coincidence. Thanks for the info. on Neva Patterson. I read a brief obit. of hers on one of the theatre web sites but knew nothing about her. YES I do remember the Governor and JJ--there's a blast from our past. RIP to Blake and Neva and all those greats we've lost this year. They will be missed and can't be replaced!

My condolences goes to Julie Andrews family.. May God gives strength and comfort to all of them..

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