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December 25, 2010


I totally LOVE it that you are an equal opportunity seasons of joy and religious persuasion kinda guy, Danny! I would love to be an honorary Jewish woman--I could use 8 days of presents and celebration to go along with the 1 chintzy Christmas offering.

May I please have a copy of the photo for my wallet. You've MADE my Christmas!

I had the same reaction to Santa when I was a child. It's in our genes.

Charlie looks wonderful. Happy Holidays to everyone in the Miller family.

Such a strong sense of identity already. He clearly knew it wasn't Purim and was therefore suspicious of the get-up.

You can never have too many drummers. That said, you can see us on the Krupa-Rich battlefield in five years!

Merry Christmas!

From Santa to dead grandmothers? Danny, that's a leap I'm not sure you need to take. Chalk it up to the "Stranger, Danger!" training and remember, you can't reason with a toddler (or some teenagers, for that matter, but I digress). It looks like you're having a joyful holiday season, despite the minor glitch. May that continue throughout next year!

Happy Holidays Danny! I love the picture of you and Charlie with Santa Claus!

Wonderful photos. Have a great holiday weekend!

Uh, what did you think when you saw Leona's gift? Sophia just bought someone's son a xylophone set for Christmas, and I was saying, "Uh, are you sure the parents are gonna like that?"


xoxo Michelle and Sammy

Adorable!! Feel like we were there with you two fun fellows. : )

What an adorable cherub... Coming in Feb... Charlie plays cupid... Leah, we need wardrobe!

Dear Danny,
We can all enjoy the non religious aspects of Christmas ................ well, except for Santa. He's one scary looking guy. LOL.

Danny, despite Charlie's misgivings about Santa, he still looks adorable. I recognize the guy dressed as Santa. He was at the Grove 5 years ago, when my kids had their picture taken there. Like Charlie, my daughter (who was 5 at the time) refused to sit on Santa's lap, so she sat on the seat next to him, and she insisted on holding her 2-year-old brother on HER lap!

Danny! I loved reading your Santagate thrill... your humor is unparalleled and quit infectious! I cannot wait to be reintroduced to the little musician! when? when? Merry Chanukkah~! xo

What a great picture of both of you with Santa - I definitely recognized that glazed over look on Charlie's face - we have pictures in our family photo albums of me and my sisters looking equally shell shocked as we sit on his lap. I think every kid is scared to death of Santa for all the reasons you mention! Wishing you all the best in the new year!

Charlie and Santa look a lot alike!

You know, It wasn't until I was 8 before I could see Santa without screaming. But I started loving him at 2 and love him still.

I think my son was about two when I brought him to see Santa at the top of the WTC. He was also frightened. I think i may still have the photo. Now, I'm glad I have that memory and the memory of how small the cars looked from way up. Whenever we were in this store which had Santa walking the sales floor giving out candy canes, he would start crying and run away. Those Santas were so sorry.
I think Santa is for all children, no matter what their religion.

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