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November 02, 2010


I want to trick or treat at your house next year!

I was just reading the Nov 1 issue of The New Yorker, an article on the new Kieth Richard autobiography, and there's an extended quote from the book about the frightening power of "teenage females." He writes, "I was never more in fear for my life than I was from teenage girls." Maybe some things don't change (except the level of talent that results in such fandom - I could bring myself to idolize Keith Richards, not JB).

What a darling little pumpkin! ;-)

great post danny! charlie is one heckuva darling cowpoke, makes me wanna pull out my guitar and sing him "i've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle, as i go riding merrily along..." as for JB, is he the reincarnation of david cassidy???

Cute Halloween pix! Charlie is such a happy little boy.

Yes, publishing as I/we once knew it, is pretty much done. No one doing real writing can get an advance and I spend my days now writing and posting "training materials" to the Internet for the most part.

Otherwise, while fame such as Bieber's has always been silly like that at least Elvis and Frank Sinatra had some real talent when girls screamed for them.

Interesting song! Here in PA Republicans took just about everything for the first time in years but it was very close with the wins all being under 2%. We'll see how it goes!

I wish Kendall was in my neighborhood growing up. Full size candy bars were like gold to me at that age.

And thanks for transcribing those lyrics. Here is an archive of the video if anyone is interested:

I love those photos of Charlie! He made my day. I'm not surprised you had such a large turnout on Halloween, since Kendall is the pied piper of kids.

Jeff must have had fun at the rally. Did Sue get any pictures of peoples' signs? I saw one that said "I like Cookies."

Re: Justin Bieber, it is ridiculous that he could get a book published, but fan worship is nothing new. If Shaun Cassidy had appeared at a bookstore when I was a tween, I would have been right there screaming with the best of them.

Just look at Charlie!! Adorable as he can possibly be.....No one comes here anymore for Halloween---they are all in the flats on well lit streets and where there are LOTS of houses--it's fine with me.
JVP & Talia were at The March and said it was wonderful, except that they didn't seem prepared for the amount if people that showed up, so they only had one Big TV Screen...JVP said the people came from all over the country and were all so very nice.
Thanks for the Anniversary wish, Danny.

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