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November 21, 2010


I never brine, just stuff a lot of butter under the turkey skin.

I use kosher organic free range turkeys, so no need to brine.

Charlie gets more beautiful every day. He is simply breathtaking.

My personal favorite is brine and grilled. But we usually don't brine for guests -- often too much salt for many people.

I cannot believe how HUGE and gorgeous Charlie is!!! He's got that angelic thing down pat :)

Thanks for the update and great pictures of Charlie and Leah. Our neighborhood has a progressive dinner and house tour each year as well. The house tour is in early Oct. and the dinner in either late Oct. or early Nov. Yours is actually taking place on my birthday.

I've never participated in either event here for the very reasons you list: cooking for a large group of strangers; excessive cleanliness expected; intimidated by the other "fancy" houses with high-end designer decor and the gourmet cooking efforts of others I've witnessed at various neighborhood events in the past.

I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year but going to a party elsewhere. My only concern right now is finding "golden raisins" for my side dish contribution. No store I visited this weekend had any so I may have to break down and settle for "regular" raisins for the first time ever.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Thanks for the update. Have a great home tour and holiday. I really (still) love reading about you & yours always.

Great pictures of both of your kids! I can't wait to see all of you!

I've never seen Charlie without his smile - that pout is delicious!

Dear Danny,
Brine, brine, brine. Always brine the turkey.
YES, I impatiently tap my toe, awaiting the next installment of "Jew Eat Yet ?
Suggestion: (No, don't roll your eyes)
Whenever you're too busy to write in your blog, just slap up a few pics of Charlie, and we'll all be happy.
Have a great Thanksgiving !

Across the street from our apartment in Little Italy, NYC, an italian restaurant has white snowflakes which turn into blue and white blinking six pointed stars every night. That's just what you need to celebrate both holidays. I love your posts.I too never brine. Just cook after rubbing with evoo and garlic for good measure.
I love your photos!
Have a happyt thanksgiving!

Danny, just one suggestion for the turkey, roast it breast down for the first half of the roasting time and then flip. This way the breast does not end up being the desiccated, dry meat that is usually is. Good luck and bon appetit.

That backlit, sunlit picture of Charlie is quite literally cherubic.

If you have the time, definitely brine the turkey. It makes a huge difference in the amount of moisture the meat can hold onto. You won't regret it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Danny!

Charlie is beautiful and all your family's plans for the holidays sound demanding and fun. Have a good time. Glad you had a bit of a blogging break. It can't hurt.


Charlie is getting more beautiful by the day. Betsy says he is scooting along everywhere at a rapid pace so the chase is on. I am brining for the first time = Mimi says it is the answer. But I am also stuffing lots of butter under the skin. Aunt Gail is coming and Stan's parents so I am polishing and cleaning. Much love and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. A Judy

*Of course* your blog presence was noted and missed! Have a happy Tday!


Charlie has grown so much he is almost unrecognizable! When did THAT happen? What remains the same is the fact that he's stunningly gorgeous. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! xo

Happy Thanksgiving! I had to respond to vote for brining, and to chuckle out loud about the impossible combination of the need for "spectacularly clean" and "hundreds of people traipsing through." I would wait to clean until AFTER the traipsing is complete.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours! You are truly blessed with beautiful children.
It was fabulous seeing you again a few weeks ago.
You are all in my thoughts on this Thanksgiving day.

Happy bleated Thanksgiving. You have the most beautiful family.

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