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October 01, 2010


While I never got up close and familiar with him, he’s lived here in Vegas ever since I’ve been coming here. Tony Curtis was a frequent interviewee on a number of local media. He was always facinating to hear or watch,. He said he had given up stardom long ago, but loved painting. He was good at it too. He was proud of his past accomplishments and felt he could touch on something, his art, that he always longed to do. He loved Vegas also. I enjoyed your personal touch.

Wonderful tribute. Sorry to hear of his passing, along with Eddie Fisher, Arthur Penn, and Stephen J. Cannell in the past week or so. So many wonderful and irreplaceable talents gone. We'll miss them.

Ah, thank you, I was waiting for that post. And it was as delightful as I imagined it would be!

Somewhere in the ether, in the larger context in which he is now, no doubt, entertaining spirits with his good looks, charm, and spicy stories, Tony Curtis is basking in the glow of your reflected love and appreciation for him, his unique place in American popular history, and his enormous accomplishments.

I saw any number of his films as a child in Oklahoma at the drive-in movies with my parents, "Houdini" right up there at the top of the list, and I will always have a soft spot for him where his art crossed paths with my life.

Kudos on getting Charlie in the viewfinder with that gorgeous Barbara Rush! He will have lots to thank you for later!

My name is Christopher Hunter, and I'm Barbara Rush's son...Tony Curtis used to come over to our house all the time...I was just a a little boy....I remember him playing this game with me ...I couldn't go by him when he was sitting on the couch if I didn't give him a hug...and honestly it made me feel so good that he cared about about me...he was just like that...a loving, caring, talented man...a great actor and a wonderful , wonderful artist...


Chris Hunter

My 14-year-old heart (in a 71-year-old body) just broke over the death of 2 of my favorite teen crushes.

It's so hard to lose real stars like Tony Curtis. I too loved his films, and loved listening to his interviews. I like Chris Hunter's memories. I want to get his movies out and watch them. This obit was worth the wait.

I grew up in Argentina South America, and had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Curtis during the filming of Taras Bulba, if I can still remember the name of the picture. I was playing soccer in a field close to the area where some of the scenes were taking place.
Tony Curtis inspired a lot of us as we were growing up and combing our hair just like him. I am 72 now and still come my hair that way!

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