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October 12, 2010


Well said, sir!

Thank you for sharing this Danny. I love the you tube videos at the end. It is so heartwarming to see. That is the best way to stand up to the negativity--with love.

Have you seen Kathy Griffin's video? It's great!

i just posted about this too. i love the videos.

Your post immediatly reminds my the John Grant's song:

I think intolerance always rises in times of economic distress. You know, like Germany in the 1920s, maybe? I've all but stopped watching any TV news considering what's going on. And there's no one worth voting for in any party in the upcoming elections here. I might as well not even show up at the polls as my disgust level is that high right now. Actually had someone tell me a week or so ago that I better learn to keep my progressive viewpoints "more private" unless I want "something to happen" to my house. Yes. In Pittsburgh. In 2010.

Paladino issued an apology today: "Any reference to branding an entire community based on a small representation of them is wrong."

Translation: "Oh, I meant those other perverts."

Pam, no matter how you feel, you need to vote to make sure the Republicans don't gain control of Congress.

I start screaming & cursing whenever I see a TV ad by any Republican or Tea Party candidates. I especially hate Rick Scott, whose running for governor of Florida. I not only disagree strongly with his politics (an Arizona-style immigration law, repeal of health care reform, opposition to all of Obama's policies), but I also find him really obnoxious.

Awesome post, Danny. Awesome. I attended the National Coming Out Day brunch in Salt Lake City. Very powerful and moving. John Cepek, president of PFLAG, was the keynote speaker. I urge everyone who feels strongly about this subject to seek out their local PFLAG chapter to see how they can help.

Dear Danny,
Thanks for this wonderful post. As a gay man, I often make the mistake of thinking that straight people don't care what happens to us. You're a prize.

Thanks for spreading the word. We all must be strong against the intolerant. I love the Trevor Project and if you're interested you can do the easiest thing and donate $5 (up to 6 times) by texting TREVOR to 85944. Our world is beautiful and is getting better. Your post shows that.

Great post! I'm not sure why I torture myself, but I get caught up in those comment sections in our local newspaper whenever there's a story about gay marriage or adoption. For those who hide behind the Bible, I like to point out that it is supposed to be a guide on how to live peacefully in this world and that, like you said above, Jesus would not be happy with how they are behaving. I think deep down, they know it's true, but can't bring themselves to accept something they don't understand so they live in conflict with their beliefs. That bothers them, so they just blame the gays all the more for the suffering they are just bringing on themselves.

I also find it interesting how they don't understand how wrong it is to put gay marriage to a vote. You can't let the majority decide the rights of a minority. If that's how it worked, Christine O'Donnell still wouldn't have the right to vote, much less run for office. This new brand of conservatives just don't seem to have a lot of intelligence...

Aanny, I know, it's some kind of backlash. But not all Orthodox synagogues are this intolerant. And more than a handful have told me, and this is reiterated in the Wall Street Journal (Oct 15, 2010) by Rabbi Boteach, that there are 613 commandments in the Torah, and sexual minorities tress pass only two choosing not to live alone.

And there is that powerful idea, again, Rabbi Boteach, I think it's the one G-d suggested, when he made woman, that man should not live alone.

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