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October 28, 2010


OY! Not much more to say than that. He's an adorable, lovable child ("pu, pu, pu")and that fishy face photo just makes me wanna pucker up to that little mensch of yours, Danny.

Wow--he's come sooo far. I was wondering how he was doing, so I'm glad you gave us an update. So cute. So well loved.

When my son was small, I took him to a nursing home too, to visit a former neighbor. One of the residents there became convinced my son was hers, and she yelled that I was stealing her baby and tried to pry him out of my arms. Traumatic for me. Traumatic for her! I stopped taking him there after that...

Oh, Danny, I'm so happy for you and your entire family. Words are inadequate to describe Charlie. The photos are fantastic and he's a doll! One day at a time is perfect. And may today be a great one!

Charlie is beautiful and so are you. I'm so happy he is here and that he has amazing parents that fought for his chance at life despite the harrowing odds. He's a lucky boy and you're a lucky papa.

yay for co sleeping! yay for the ergo! and yay for charlie! what an awesome boy!

Oy...he just keeps getting more and more precious.

Ha ha, Danny. Carmen slept with us for a long time. It was either that or no sleep since I was never able to sleep through the hysterical crying and head banging sounds. I think she just really hated cribs. We tried one of those toddler beds but even with rail guards she would always manage to fall out, wake herself up and cry. It wasn't until we got the bright idea of putting a futon on the floor that she slept through the night in her own room. And I don't think that happened until she was well over 2 years old.

Love the Charlie updates! So glad to see him doing so well.

Oh, well, now who WOULDN'T want to write about Charlie? I can't believe how restrained you are. If I were you, my blog would have become "Charlie Eat Yet?" by now, with boring blow-by-blow descriptions of his every waking (and even sleeping) moment, and I could see every article, chapter, etc. I write suddenly including an adorable baby named Charlie.

Thanks for the update and the wonderful photos.

The-Former-Ms.-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Can-We-Talk-About-Something-Other-Than-Your-Baby? (yes, Charlie did that to me)

Love the Charlie photos! Isn't waking up next to your baby the best feeling in the world? We had Ben in a crib for a while but once we moved up to NoVa he ended up back in bed with us. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Loved this! Thanks for sharing - I can never get enough of Charlie (the future, um, Mr Burke?). And, it's good to know that Charlie brought joy to something German :-)

I think I would pay money to hear Kendall doing Wilco songs as Katherine Hepburn. Sounds like a YouTube vid to me...

Big Michigan hugs to all, Danny!

Hi Danny,
If it makes you feel any better, all of my 3 kids (now in their 40's) who were all born at "normal" weights, pished in their pants and other things until they were nearly 4 years old. They were also very lazy and preferred sitting on their fat tuchis' until they were at least 2 before they even attempted walking. I don't think any of the above hindered their development as adults ... at least I don't think so.

What I'm saying is "go, Charlie, go". "Adjusted, schmujusted" - he's plenty normal! Love, Bubba Marilyn

Thanks for the update and great photos. I see Charlie is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. All the best!

Beautiful to read, what a little trooper he is. Constantly fighting and winning battles (and friends!) it seems.

Happy baby - sounds like he lucked out with great parents and you lucked out with a great baby. I love it when a plan comes together.

What a marvelous update Danny! Thank you so much for sharing wonderful photos and stories. i am dying to hear Kendall sing, and i am dying to get down and play w/ you guys! Noah still prefers to sleep in our bed, and he is a giant! so there you go! PS Please see the film "babies", ab fab wonderful, just like you and yours! xoxo susie

Thank you so much for the update. Charlie is a gorgeous, gorgeous boy. What a smile! And he must be a charmer if he made the grumpy German tourists smile.

Your descriptions are so vivid. I can just picture the German couple stopping mid-argument, charmed by your gorgeous baby. I can't wait to see him in person when we're in town for Thanksgiving.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a shana punim! Much love to you, Charlie and the whole family.

What a beautiful story - so eloquently and passionately told. Today is great indeed. Every day is great as parent, as I have learned, whatever the ups and downs. At times I wish our son would sleep with us, too, but he is too wiggly and impatient. I can only imagine the warmth and bond you must feel with Charlie at your side. I think it's great, and we have many friends who have the "family beds." Thanks for a wonderful update.

What a gorgeous little boy!!! =)

Now when I see him, I feel him too! He is gorgeous, Danny, and so loving, and growing so beautifully. He's got all that kangaroo care in his bones.

i love the family bed! and kids love it even more! ox,m

Charlie looks wonderful - those beautiful curls! So happy for you guys!!!

Dear Danny,
I follow your blog because I enjoy what you write. People who want you to write about something different should start their own blog. So, here's where I get to ask you to write more about Charlie ! I never get tired of reading about his adventures. And, the pictures are priceless !

The purple tinged photos of Charlie and Kendall, Charlie and dog, Charlie puckered up; they make my heart melt in a puddle at my feet! Bravo Charlie!

Thanks for the update on Charlie! I love the picture of him on the floor with an array of his toys behind him. That picture could be from 1970 or anytime since. Those toys are timeless, and bring back some wonderful memories for me -- and not a single electronic gadget in the mix.

Charlie is the cutest baby I have ever seen and spreads joy where ever he goes. What an amazing blessing this kid is.

Ah, my brain-injured, right-side-favoring, infant stroke victim teenager just got back from playing in an exhibition game at the Little League World Series this summer, is close to making the high school varsity bowling team, and has a cute boy walking her to class after lunch. Loving parents and a strong will can overcome nearly every prognosis. Charlie is well on his way to a fantastic life. Love, as always, to Oliver.

Yes, thanks for the update! Although I enjoy reading your posts on other topics, Charlie is what sucked me in originally and I love hearing about him more than anything else. Your writing about your family always makes me slow down enough to remember to appreciate each day with my own, and I'm very thankful for that.

OH that made my day. i was just jumping around facebook and felt the need to stop by here. Charlie is precious and so are you.

Could you run that by me again?I've gotta catch the bus

Loved the Charlie update. I lived for my Charlie fix last winter and I see such a bright, happy loved little boy! I cry tears of joy reading this tonight knowing that God has truly blessed your son. His first blessing was giving him to you and Kendall and his sweet sister Leah.

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