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September 21, 2010


Just change some of the actual events and the 13 year old's monologue could easily fit today--or would it be even worse? "Please don't close my school. Please don't close my school."

Isn't that funny-- I don't even remember seeing the movie "Thirteen". I am glad to hear that Sarah is okay and actually I have not worried about her for a while. She is incredibly talented, bright and ambitious and her love of learning has continued to shine through despite the the tremendous pressures in our educational system.

Currently, a senior and a philosophy major at UC Berkeley, she has the opportunity to sit at the feet of and learn from some of the best professors in the world.

Not every student, however, is as bright and ambitious as Sarah. They often get beaten down and lost in the intensity of academic pressure and are not prepared for a career that will fit who they are.

Teaching to a test and this latest idea of Obama's to pay teachers more whose students do better on a test is not what education is about.

Education is supposed to lift up students, help them feel good about themselves as they learn, and nurture their love of learning. It is supposed to help children find their talents and capabilities and nurture those into a successful career.

We, as a society, have gotten lost in the rigors of reading, writing and arithmetic and forgotten what real education is all about.

Dear Danny,
I think that most teenagers from every generation are conflicted and confused, and anxious to get out from under their parents system of rules. Of course, many years later, they look back and realize just how good they had it. Then, there are the many broken families where the parents fight all the time or one parent has left. And, that's an unfair strain on the kids. Good luck finding many people who say that they had a "normal" childhood.
BTW, I wish you would write more often...

All that HAIR you had in those days, Danny!


Once again... separated at birth! We might have been in the audience the same day. Still one of my favorite and most intense theatrical experiences. Thanks for reminding me. xo

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