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September 13, 2010


Thanks so much for the reviews! I'm very interested to see all of them... once Ben's separation anxiety finally disappears. Oy.

These movies sound very interesting (although I think I would find the Joaquin Phoenix movie annoying). Of the five, do you have a favorite?

Compare The Race To Nowhere to Waiting for Superman--the latter has started a chain email campaign that if you commit to watch it they'll send you a $5 donation to the classroom of your choice. The same people who support charters paying kids for doing their work -- cause that's the only way they get anything out of doing it.

The Race to Nowhere interests me the most of all, i trust it will play at our fine indie cinema house called The Pickford.I must tell you that Gene Siskel would be impressed w/ your film critiques!

Thank you so much for your reviews. I love documentaries, but some of them can be so heavy handed, self-indulgent or just bad. it's nice to have something to go on when I start looking for a good one.

Julie, not sure how to pick a favorite since they're apples and oranges but it certainly wouldn't be the Joaquin Phoenix debacle. I have a gut feeling that "The Tillman Story" will win the Oscar next year (which would be fine by me) but I really hope that "The Race to Nowhere" and "A Film Unfinished" get nominated.

If you love documentaries I hope you will try and see "The Red Chapel." (That is, if you haven't already)

Dear Danny,
Phoenix has to be either drugged, insane, or both. What a waste of a monumental talent.

OK, they're all on my list.

In the beginning, movies were nothing but documentaries, in the sense that they documented real life. Then fiction took over. Nice to see that non-fiction still has a place in the scheme of things.

As a high school math teacher, I was particularly struck by your review of the "Race to Nowhere". I'd love to see it, but doubt that it will make it to Pittsburgh. On an unrelated note, Danny, you might want to take a look at this video in a story on npr:

There is a new exhibit on the evolution of the kitchen. The video is a trip.

Danny, I'm sure you've heard by now that Joaquin Phoenix's persona was all a put-on. I wonder if that admission is going to drive people to or away from the movie.

We're seeing "100 Voices, A Journey Home" tonight. It's a one night only thing here but they are playing it longer in NY and LA in hopes of getting nominated. There's been a lot of talk about it around here so I am hopeful!

Ah! finalmente ho trovato quello che cercavo. A volte ci vuole tanta fatica a trovare anche una minima parte di informazioni utili.

never seen these titles on any torrent sites, anyone have a suggestion on where to find them ?

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