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September 23, 2010


The video cracked me up. Charlie looks kind of dazed in that picture.

It's a look of intense focus, the proper disposition when eating a Reuben!

Just had a turkey reuben. Not half as good. But less cholesterol. But then again, why bother.

What?! Turkey Reubens are great. But with cole slaw instead of kraut.

Never had one

... and now I'm really hungry and it is only 9am!

hp -- you are really missing out on something special. Find yourself a good deli and order one.

LOL Am thrilled my posting of the video clip inspired this terrific post! Happy Reubens to all of us!

One of my Zeide's favorite things to do: make up sandwich combinations and give them a name. Often he named the sandwiches after cities where his grown children lived, so there was the St. Louis, the Chicago, the Los Angeles. I can't recall which was which, but I remember my favorites were a peanut butter and salami sandwich and a cream cheese and jelly.

This was back in the 1960s so it was before restaurants like RJ Grunts introduced menus with funny descriptions, but I'm wondering if the tradition of giving sandwiches unusual names is a Jewish one.

This is making me hungry, maybe i'll go to KATZ'S DELI for a corned beef sandwich to take to the nearest sukkah.. Happy Sukkot everyone!

Dear Danny,
I took a survey, and the results were unanimous. From now on, every blog entry must contain at least one picture of Charlie !

Is that a picture of Charlie possibly eating his first Reuben sandwhich??? I loved the video Danny and the picture of the Reuben has left me craving one. To bad the only place around here that serves them is Denny's and they don't pile the corn beef that high.


Zingerman's Deli (two locations in Ann Arbor Michigan) makes a proper and DELICIOUS Reuben.

Hi. I'm the granddaughter of the man who made the sandwich for Reuben K at the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha. I'm writing a short piece on the sandwich for the NYT Magazine. I'd love to chat! Email me?

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