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September 02, 2010


Love this story and the pics. Leah really does resemble your aunt. Thats the first thing I thought of even before I continued to read. I also believe that one day you will all be dancing in a big circle.

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your aunt.

Thanks for sharing this story and photos. The family resemblance is amazing! Sorry for your loss but three cheers for a long life well-lived.

Beautiful story and photos. You're a great archivist of your family's history.

I had no idea she'd passed away Danny. Baruch Dayan Ha'emes. It really is the end of an era. As usual, you've written a stunning tribute.

I'm sorry for your loss, Danny. The way you describe your Aunt Anne makes me feel like I knew her also.

Another lovely tribute to a cherished family member, cherished family memories, and a rich family legacy. Even with some of your relatives gone, Danny, your written words truly make them -- and keep them -- alive!

We don't know each other but she was my Aunt Anne too. Her husband Jack and my dad, Noah, were brothers. I am going to Chicago tomorrow for the weekend and will share your beautiful tribute with my parents. Thank you.

I am so sorry for your loss, but what a beautiful tribute. I am sure you will one day all be dancing together again (and maybe we will discover the "missing link" that proves we are related).

Not having much of an extended family, I enjoy reading about yours. The photos are great.

wow, danny,
you truly are the archivist of our family.
this piece brings tears to my eyes. we all lovrd auntie annie.
i am home in toronto with a broken right elbow--hence the lack of upper case letters.
my mother is now the only person of that generation that remains. she will be 92 on halloween and is in good health,
you have all the amazing pictures. would you ever consider doing a book with commentary. i think many of us would consider funding the project, by the way--auntie ann had fabulous pictures i saw the last time i was in israel in 2009.
take care
lots of love

My sister, Elizabeth, forwarded to us the very thoughtful and descriptive obituary of Cousin Anne Wolff. I especially enjoyed seeing the picture of the Bubbe Rivkah for whom I was named.
We both remember with great fondness the Bar Mitzvah week - end in the Catskills celebrating Aunt Alta Tobe and Uncle Itshe Meyer's 65th wedding anniversary and the Bar Mitzvah of their eldest great - grandson. Was that you or your brother?
Renee and Gerry Rosenberg

So sorry to hear of your loss. I love your old photos, especially seeing the beautiful photos of your mom. Amazing how your Aunt Annie and Leah resemble each other. I do hope you write a book, I'll be ready to buy it!

I would love to get all of our family photos together in book form--thanks for the idea, Beverley, I want to run with it! Thanks for your comments, everyone. Renee, that was my brother Bruce's Bar Mitzvah that was part of the Catskills 65th wedding anniversary celebration. I remember you there! And Auntie Anne--I can even remember that she was wearing a shiny blue/green dress at the big party. Where are those photos??

Aw, Danny, that's a beautiful blog entry.
And, I'm sorry to read the news that your aunt has passed on. The pictures of her as a girl certainly do look a lot like your beautiful Leah. Happy memories of your aunt Anne...

Danny, I love reading about your family history; such an interesting family and so great that you know so much about everyone. It's important that the history of Eastern European Jewish immigrants be documented, seems like so much of it was passed down verbally and those who actually remember the history aren't going to be around forever (most of course aren't as young as you!). My condolences on the loss of your aunt.

Dear Danny
I am not a relative butI remember your Aunt & Uncle when my husbband Harold Tanenbaum &I would come to Israel. We would visit them I found them to be such lovely warm & loving
people.I am so sorry for your loss. Charley Diamond always keeps me up to date on the family. My condolences.
Jeannie Tanenbaum

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