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September 04, 2010


Joyeux anniversaire ! from the Parisian in the United States!

with love

You look so much younger than 32 in that picture. S00 cute and handsome!

It was great to see you today!

I meant to call you all day yesterday! I actually wanted to put a birthday comment on your blog, but that somehow seemed incredibly inappropriate on the previous one, which is what I saw yesterday. Yes, I know, since when has impropriety ever stopped me?
Hope to see you this week, you young thang you!
Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Danny. Next year in Paris?

Happy Birthday!

When you're 66, you can write about Mame, my favorite musical from childhood. :-)

Happy birthday, Danny!

Happy, if somewhat belated, Birthday from the geographic center of France, Danny!

I thought about you before, during, and after your birthday but I'm up to my elbows in primer in rooms with 10ft ceilings.

It is a funny coincidence, reading your post: I flew to Paris for a month in July 1978, 4 months before Harvey Milk and George Moscone were murdered by Dan White, and 6 months before I moved to San Francisco for a 10 year stint, on my way to France for the duration.

I have a whole house for you, Kendall, Charlie, and Leah to share with us any time you want to wander down our way. Thus, all the painting...

I could never wrap my mind around "An American in Paris" either.

Many Happy Returns,

Merci a tous! Campbell, the photo was taken 32 years AGO so I was only 19! But now that I look at it more closely and see that ridiculous "portable" Betamax equipment I'm carrying, I realize that this photograph was taken two years later when I was 21 and visiting Paris with a friend (Leslie). I can't believe I shlepped that video equipment all over Paris (back in those pre-home video days)! Where's that footage?

Glad you had a great birthday, Danny. I never liked American in Paris either because it seemed so artificial. I had forgotten it won best picture that year against those more worthy films. One last tribute to Mayer's MGM, I guess. Yes, Huston was out of favor then & living in Ireland. He was one of the first to do regular location shoots as an independent with financial support from big producers like Ray Stark and Sam Spiegel and never lived in the States regularly again.

happy birthday and many more

Happy Birthday. But I totally disagree with you all about American in Paris. Gershwin's work alone makes it a classic. As for the artifice you mention. It is a movie. It was a deliberate choice to film on a stage so that an impressionistic world could be created to give the film it's dreamlike quality. These are among the best sets ever designed. Kiss me Kate--are you mad?

Gorgeous! Many, many Happy Days ahead, Danny. You all deserve every one of them. Best, best wishes.

Happy Birthday Danny!

Happy Belated Birthday! How lucky to have studied in Paris!
Here's hoping for many ,many more & L'Shana Tova (happy New year too)!!!
someone suggested that Our love is here to stay was the first song Ira wrote after George died, so perhaps it is about brotherly love also. `

Dear Danny,

I'm not meaning to put a damper on your special day, but, "Our Love is Here to Stay" was Ron and Nancy's special song. LOL.

I definitely agree with your film critique.
For me, there are two qualities that make a film great: you can watch it and enjoy it again and again, and if you happen to come in in the middle of the film, you have to sit down and watch the rest of it.

"The African Queen," and "A Streetcar Named Desire" certainly qualify.

Happy 51st birthday.
May you have at least 51 more !


Happy birthday Danny! I hope 51 will be a year filled with much joy and laughter for you and your family!

Happy belated, Danny! isn't it so much better now than you thought it would be when you were in your twenties?

Happy belated sweet Danny, glad u guys had fun!! Don't u worry, u will be starring in your own movie verrrryyyy soon!! A filmmaker near me is working on it, your next step MAY just be Broadway!!


A Very Happy Birthday, Danny.....! It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL dinner with loved ones--what more could anyone ask for on their "special" day?
I agree with you about this Musical---it never had an authentic look and is certainly not one of my favorite Musical Films, in any way---though I love Gene Kelly...I can remember being shocked that it won Best picture over "Streetcar" and "A Place in The Sun".....both truly spectacular films in every way....

I wish you 51 more Happy Birthdays and ALL of them celebrated with loved ones.

Happy Birthday Danny Miller from Linda Adelman Johannesen! Liz Horan (she's just the best!) mentioned seeing you... and yes, she introduced us, oh so long ago and far away... that amazing Tom Smother's project that launched both our careers! Just discovered your AmAzinG blog, your writing sings and stings, those Chicago-style rantings are just hitting the spot for me. I'm gonna be a regular fan, jew care?
MAZEL TOV to you and Kendall on such a darling boychik Charlie, so beautiful (and clearly so much cognition occuring behind those eyes!) Enjoy 51, Danny. At this moment, you're the youngest you will ever be... enjoy! oy! Linda

I have to agree with you about "An American in Paris". I think much of that move is kind of routine. It seems like it was awarded an Oscar soley for the closing ballet rather than the movie as a whole. As for that other Oscar, Levant, I wish he was better remembered. He's such a fish out of water in those old movies.

Paris Touched Our Hearts Never To Leave
By D.K. Milgrim-Heath©2010
Paris touched our hearts never to leave-
Glorious memories years later we still receive.
Thinking of great musicals made in 1951-
When either of us were even aged one!
Musicals of the nostalgic beauty of Paris for you and me-
Never as great by today's standards we see.
Going there when I was only nine-
Paris being Paris memories of my parents so divine.
You went to Paris at age nineteen-
Oh La-La and not an age younger in between!
Yes being Americans in Paris we forever will treasure-
Those yesteryear moments shared with our children are forever!
Every little memory's stamped meticulously in our brain-
Going there with your children’s was heaven once again!
I’ve not gone with my own children hopefully someday I will-
Paris will forever be our Paris that memorial French city still.

Happy Birthday, Danny. I've never been to Paris. Hope to go some day.

About An American In Paris: Though I agree that Streetcar and Place in the Sun are more important movies and should have won the Oscar, there's nothing in the world beats an MGM musical (except maybe an Astaire/Rogers RKO musical). You're absolutely right that it isn't in the same tier as Bandwagon, or Singin' in the Rain (I have to disagree with you about Seven Brides - never much cared for it), but really, just watching Gene dance his way through getting up in the morning is worth putting up with the overblown Ballet Finale.

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