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August 29, 2010


sounds like a great trip!! and totally that is sue..... she loved,loved herman's hermits. peter noone. can remember like it was yesterday.
have a safe trip back

Glad you had such a wonderful, eye-opening and safe trip. We did our 2200 miles when we passed your way last month, and worked our way to Nevada and back to Arizona. Ah...the places we will go.

I loved this post! I only wish I could have toured the Waltons Mountain Museum with you - I would have been in heaven! "Good night, John Boy".

Wonderful report. You visited places in VA and the Carolinas that I haven't visited since the 1970s. Had no idea they had a Walton's Museum now but of course they would. Sorry you weren't in the Pittsburgh area longer so we could have had a visit. Never heard of that B&B you stayed at. Are you sure it is just 30 min. outside of Pgh.? I live in the city proper and it's nearly an hour from here to the airport and the rural area you describe in beyond that. Cute pictures from the trip. Thanks for sharing!

You were mighty close to my home turf in Virginia, and we may have passed each other on the highway, as I too was on a road trip that took me north and west and up to Indy.

Loved the photos of your kiddos and the fine cuisine, esp. those Southern spreads. Next time Neil comes to Virginia, I need to take him out and clog his arteries. : )

I live in Central Virginia...we went to the Walton's Museum yeeears ago(2003) and stepped into the "controversy" over the Hamner homestead and the Walton Museum. The real Jim-Bob was still living in the Walton home, it was private, no tours then, but I was still thrilled to see the place place from the outside!

I bought a book 'Goodnight John-Boy' By Earl Hamner & Ralph Giffin, at a little store down the hill and the owner insisted that I email Mr Hamner and tell him of my visit. He emailed me back a wonderful note which of course I own brush with John-Boy story!

Enjoyed reading about your roadtrip and your blog in general, thank you so much for sharing.

Earl Hamner's house and fried green tomatoes? It really doesn't get any better, does it!

It sounds and looks like a great road trip. Charlie is looking more and more like a toddler.

When I was seven or eight, my family went to the Waltons exterior set somewhere in or near L.A. We were there for a fundraising event, and some of the actors were present, including Ralph Waite.

(BTW, I think you probably know that Kami Cotler went to what is now Leah's school.)

Love the travelogue. It looks lovely.

Dear Danny,

You have much for which to be thankful ! Doesn't Charlie ever have a bad day ? LOL. Cute as ever ! Sounds like you had a really nice trip.

As you headed West from Pennsylvania, you weren't far from my home town, just over the border in Allegany County, New York.

BTW, in one of our San Francisco newspapers, each day they list about 10 celebrities who are celebrating their birthday. Last week, they included one of the Tweedy boys (Jeff?) from Wilco.


Great to share in the rest of your trip this way. We were so thrilled that you took the trouble to come to see us and I got to squeeze my chubby, juicy honorary nephew. Only one factual correction: we took Buzzy (in the photo with Charlie) away from a junkie in Washington Square Park only 9 years ago. Love to you all.

If I ate like that I'd need heart surgery within a year!

Thanks for sharing Danny...I loved hearing all about your travels and seeing the great pics! Looks like an amazing trip! Don't think I could have listened to as much of the Broadway channel as you all did, but, I was mighty jealous of the cool bed and breakfasts you stayed at as well as the delish looking retro-style comfort food you ate at those great sounding restaurants! Looks like a fab time was had by all! By the way, going out of your way to go to ZIngerman's...can that really ever be a bad decision?? love to all...xo

I feel like I just had a summer road trip - thanks! I don't know what I liked best: pix of Charlie, or the food.
I so enjoyed my "Miller Time" with your whole family. Your dad cracked me up - GREAT delivery on those jokes.
The thing that I remember most - and stays with me, loudly - is hearing your dad talk about how unbelievably PROUD he is of his son. That was a moment that was so achingly beautiful, it puts a lump in my throat even now. He's right, you know - you are such a talented writer. But to hear him say it? Priceless. It's truly what the world is made of.
If this ol' world had more like the Miller clan, well - then maybe it wouldn't feel so much like a potch in tuchis sometimes!
Big hugs to Kendall, Leah, and my boyfriend Charlie.
Oh, and Cougar? It's an "F" word (as in Ford) ;-)

You have a beautiful son and please write a book, lots of books. I live here in VA and my stepdad grew up in Charlottesville and went to UVA so I am often in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Love it here.

I loved this post of your trip!!! Will your family adopt me for one of those amazing road trips??? I was sing Holiday Road from Vacation as I scrolled through the pictures. The pic of Jeffrey with Charlie is super sweet.Jeff is so great with children.My mom and I were commenting on how he always makes time for his children even with his heavy touring schedule.


That sure was a pretty long road trip you had there. I just can't imagine the sore pain on my butt when me and my friends had a food road trip all around Burlington and Quebec, we have two cars (one is my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and other one is my friend's pre owned Impreza) that fits all of us. When we are all on the road home, I suddenly felt that I can't continue anymore, but thankfully, my other friends knew how to drive, so they took over the wheels of my car.

I am loving the look of those food there! Which makes my lips quiver and remember my scenic road trips in the past with my friends, while we ride around Indianapolis and beyond with the Kia Soul I got at the dealers, which my other car that I bought at the Mitsubishi dealers Indianapolis a few years back is my extra car that I let them use during our trip, to keep us from getting all cramped.

The baby is so cute and adorable. makes me want to book a car trip with my wife and kids. The foods you've encountered along the way definitely look delectable.

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